EVOTEQ is a solutions provider that champions technological innovations and digital transformation, in a bid to become the region’s transformation catalyst.

Bringing businesses and governments together is what we do best, offering them the latest next generation technologies, with the help of our team of leading experts. EVOTEQ has been strategically structured to implement Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) that deliver value-driven solutions in the digitalization field, by coordinating with both governments and private entities. EVOTEQ develops technological solutions and sustainable platforms to tackle regional challenges; and the complex issues faced by various industries such as healthcare, logistics, education, transportation and public services.

Our solutions bring together best in class and cutting-edge technology that extends across a range of industries. From deploying integrated platforms that support Smart City visions to digitizing the public sector and corporate services, as well as fortifying supply chains, EVOTEQ is at the forefront of delivering transformation through technology.

EVOTEQ’s commitment to our customers is strengthened by a carefully chosen group of partners who share the same ambition for excellence and service. Our partners are all highly regarded for their expertise, leadership in their respective fields, strategic positioning and, most importantly, their proven ability to deliver on complex projects.

We are a trusted partner that deploys technology to elevate customer experience, transform businesses and communities, and enhance quality of life.


Our enhanced platforms deliver effective, impactful and sustainable digitalization of services, business performances and communities; by driving the digitalization agenda through four key pillars:
Infrastructure services, Cloud and Platform services, Business Applications and, Smart City and IoT Solutions

  • Smart City &
    IoT Services

    Smart City &
    IoT Services

    We leverage the potential of the Internet of Things and advancements in technology to bring Smart City solutions to life and enhance the way people live and experience cities. Our experience and expertise empower us to enable city-wide digitalization, improved lifestyle and integrated communities.
  • Business


    Our Business Applications enable the digitalization of corporate processes and seamless interactions with customers, which are crucial to make business operations robust, efficient and effective.
  • Platforms
    & Cloud Services

    & Cloud Services

    We invest in, build and operate Platforms and Cloud Services allowing intelligence and agility for businesses and governments to transform, powering innovation and enabling new business models.
  • Infra


    Our Infrastructure services provide the latest technology in order to enable and accelerate digital transformation.

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