11 Best Practices for Phone Lead Generation and Follow ups

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11 Best Practices for Phone Lead Generation and Follow ups

11 Best Practices for Phone Lead Generation and Follow ups

B2B lead generation ideas are essential for companies to develop a pipeline of high-potential prospects. You will improve conversion rates and make a lot of money by adopting lead generation best practices followed by every professional lead generation company in Dubai.  

What Is the Concept of a Lead Generation Company in Dubai

The lead generation process entails activities such as discovering and targeting potential new clients in order to pique their interest in what your company has to offer. It entails comprehending the consumer journey and piquing prospects' curiosity by supplying them with as much knowledge as possible about the goods or services.

Developing consumer interest to the point that they can contact you for more details and maybe even make a purchase. For successful sales and marketing, coming up with lead generation ideas is important for a lead generation company in Dubai. This is where companies get their valuable pool of prospects who might become loyal customers in the future.

Best Practices Followed by Online Lead Generation Services

Here are 11 best practices listed by the experts at our lead generation company in Dubai:

Screen Your Phone Numbers

To avoid spending time calling false or uninterested phone numbers, it's important to screen the phone numbers your potential clients send. Using a phone carrier validation service prevents this by determining whether or not a carrier owns a phone number, keeping it active.
API validation works by searching for false or inconsistent details in each phone number request individually. Instead of testing your leads list against a database of valid phone numbers, it works online in your submission form.

Be Persistent, But Not Obnoxious

It's difficult to strike a balance between regularly following up to keep your leads engaged and bombarding them with calls. Our lead generation company in Dubai believes that your calls should be regular enough to include new information and answer questions, but not so frequent that your leads block or mark your number as spam.

When You Connect with Leads, Make A Good First Impression

Within the first five minutes of connecting on a follow-up call, sales reps can use active, polite, and engaging language to pique leads' attention.

Request Further Referrals from Customers and Leads

Clients frequently have contacts and relationships with those in their industry who may need your services as well. Our lead generation company in Dubai recommends requesting referrals and introductions to your current clients' networks, and even a fee.
To maximize the number of leads they follow up with every day, sales reps can seek out referrals. While the data from recent studies showed that reps could call at least six times before moving on, it's also crucial to keep track of how many leads you're contacting.

Leave Voicemails especially for Real Estate Lead Generation Services

Phone calls leave voicemails, which are similar to emails. They're not a direct sales pitch, but rather an escalator pitch, in which you pique your prospects' curiosity in what you have to sell. Make sure the voicemail contains the person's name rather than a generic “Dear Ma'am/Sir”. This is a bonus tip from our lead generation company in Dubai.

Make a Number of Follow-Up Calls: Leads Generation for Financial Advisors

Before moving on, sales reps can make at least six follow-up calls to leads. As mentioned earlier, reps can call at least six times before giving up. Surprisingly, a recent study done by our lead generation company in Dubai found that over 30% of leads were never approached at all. Sales reps saw a 70 percent rise in touch rates by making more call attempts — or call attempts in general.

Early and Late in The Day Are Good Times to Call

The time you call has a bigger impact on whether you get the deal than the sales pitch itself. People have time to answer an urgent call early in the morning before they begin working or at the end of the day after they have completed their tasks. Calling during the middle of the day can result in missed calls or irritated and interrupted clients.

Scripts Should Not Be Used

It's a good idea to have a rough idea of where your sales pitch will go, what points you'll make, and maybe a few pre-written sentences. Phone calls, on the other hand, stand out from other outreach strategies because they allow for real-time contact. Cold calling with scripts is also a sign of novice salespeople or a scam.

Make Deadlines to Call Back

It's a bad idea to limit yourself to a single phone marketing pitch or bid. Your pitches must evolve in tandem with your marketing plan and business objectives. Setting clear deadlines for when a lead will contact you about a particular deal or service creates a sense of urgency. It also means that you don't let clients down by informing them that a service or product is no longer available.

Do A Follow Up Before Deadline as Digital Marketing Lead Generation Companies Do

You must follow through on your leads depending on how long an offer last. Follow up somewhere from once before the deadline and once a week after the deadline has passed. Failure to follow up could cost you clients who were sincerely interested in your deal but forgot about you.
And last but not least…

Keep Track of People Who Don't Return Your Calls

You should start maintaining a dead list of people who never answer the phone to save the sales team time. They take the salesperson's time answering questions and listening to the whole pitch, promising a call soon but never following through. Although you shouldn't give up on this form of lead after they've cheated on you once, if it happens again, you should drop them.

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