5 Digital Marketing Trends for Small Business

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5 Digital Marketing Trends for Small Business

5 Digital Marketing Trends for Small Business

Are you a business owner or running an Ecommerce site? Small companies must learn to adapt in order to remain in business and succeed as digital marketing evolves at a breakneck pace. Implementing upcoming digital marketing trends will help your small business stay on top of the competition and enter the new year with a strong marketing strategy. A professional digital marketing agency Dubai can help you climb that ladder!

Five Upcoming Trends Stated by Our Digital Marketing Agency Dubai

Small to midsize businesses that are innovative are using modern technology to meet consumers when and where they want to be met in a way that makes them feel unique. You don't want to miss out on these five digital marketing trends if you're looking for new ways to boost your marketing and gain a competitive advantage.

Get on The Bandwagon for Google My Business with Dubai Digital Agency

Google My Business gives you complete control of how your company appears in Google searches. Small businesses in the area are having success with Google My Business to draw local clients and traffic.
Google is often used to find quick answers or to begin shopping study. Furthermore, 76% of smartphone “near me” searchers go to a similar store the same day. Our digital marketing agency Dubai believes that you can boost page visits, foot traffic and phone calls by having a good local listing. To help your company outperform the competition in your region, verify and keep your local listing up to date.

Voice Strategy

Since vocal communication is one of the simplest and most popular types of human interaction, it's no wonder that people choose to communicate with technology and their favorite devices using their voices.

The experts at our digital marketing agency Dubai believe that optimizing the content with the types of keywords that often appear in voice searches is an important part of any thorough voice strategy. Long-tail keywords important to you, such as best and price, keywords in both command and query formats, and keywords that address the types of questions your customers are asking, are all included.

The key thing to note is that most voice searches are actually questions, so content should be designed to answer them quickly. Another excellent voice technique is to create an Alexa skill or a Google action to meet consumers who use Alexa or Google Home voice assistants.

Featured Snippets & No-Click Searches

For several years, the aim of SEO has been to get your listing to the top of the search results in “position number one”. Now, as we are in 2021, the end-goal is to increase SEO visibility in "position zero".

Position zero applies to Google's "featured snippet," which will take precedence over all other SEO marketing patterns in 2021. The featured snippet differs from other search results entries in that it is separated from the rest by a small box and appears at the end. More significantly, it provides additional, specific information in an effort to address the user's query without requiring them to click on it, earning it the moniker "no-click search."

Although it can seem counterintuitive to forego a single click/visit in exchange for recognition as a thought leader, the recognition you gain as a thought leader outweighs a single click/visit. Furthermore, with Google Assistant voice searches, featured snippets are also read aloud.

WiFi Marketing with Online Marketing Company Dubai

Free public WiFi is now expected as part of the customer experience. We're no longer in a position where it's considered a gain. Instead, it's something of an amenity, like getting toilets or air conditioning.
So, how can you make sure that the agreement benefits your company? WiFi marketing allows you to not only meet a consumer’s need by providing a link, but also to do something about it.

The experts at our digital marketing agency Dubai believe that via WiFi marketing, you are using your free WiFi to gather information and make deals to customers who connect to your network. The advantage of this approach is that you already know your audience has visited your physical location because even though they didn't purchase anything, they've already taken more measures than anybody you'd advertise on Facebook, Google, or other traditional advertising platforms.

Interactive Content with Digital Marketing Companies in Dubai

Your audience will feel like they're a part of the discussion if you use interactive content. To ask questions, use quizzes and polls, or use other features like shoppable social media posts to create engaging content. Our digital marketing agency Dubai believes that these immersive environments necessitate more than just clicking the "like" button. You can also create campaigns that encourage consumers to share their experiences, thoughts, or material.

Get Started with The Best Digital Marketing Agency Dubai

Have you made up your mind to get your business to flourish with the aforementioned trends? It’s time to partner with PLAN A digital marketing agency Dubai, one of the leading branding companies in Dubai. Talk to one of our experts at our digital marketing agency Dubai today!

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