5 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2021

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5 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2021

5 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2021

Given the relevance of social media in the lives of people, in the hope of communicating with their target clients, advertisers and corporations flock to social networks. There is a social media glut of content, however, and the competition is very strong. When you have a strong social media marketing plan, it can be difficult for you to stand out. Staying updated on the latest trends in social media will help to fuel your approach and make you stand out in the crowd. Here is a selection of 5 social media trends that all media companies in Dubai need to be mindful of in 2021.  

Video Content for Social Media Marketing Dubai Is Rising in Popularity

Video content will continue to grow in popularity as a visually appealing medium for your brand, from the emergence of TikTok to convincing Facebook mobile videos. The booming popularity of video content can be used by small media companies in Dubai and brands that struggled during 2020 to gain more brand exposure or even to simply survive throughout the COVID turmoil.

When producing video content, one main point to bear in mind is that the first few seconds of the video are the most significant; the goal is to catch the attention of the audience in a matter of seconds.
The features of good video content that set it apart from bad video content are that if the content is informative, helpful, amusing, or thought-provoking, people will share, like, comment, and interact with the video.

People Want to Interact With Each Other Online, NOT Media Companies in Dubai

Though people may have looked to brands at the beginning of the pandemic for direction, we all soon became tired of hearing variations of phrases like, "We're all together in this!" "And to see variations over and over of the same ad.

Users now appreciate products that help them interact with other individuals rather than the brands or media companies in Dubai. For daily interactions with others, people are more focused on social media, and the last thing they need is irrelevant or tone-deaf content from brands. Brands that build interactions that offer their users exploration, interaction and fun will elevate the appeal of social media and improve brand loyalty.

Niche Platforms Are Booming for Media Agencies in Abu Dhabi

Social networking is not just Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; there are niche-focused sites that also make up a large portion of the growth of social media, including Reddit, TikTok, Twitch, etc. In 2021, these sites will continue to boom in popularity because they are a perfect way to offer exactly what they are looking for to users.

These channels may be used by small media companies in Dubai that want to identify with a particular niche and target audience as their basis for producing valuable content for their target consumers. We propose that small and established media companies in Dubai take advantage of more niche-focused networks in 2021 to have the exact solutions that consumers are searching for. When creating social media, it's all about creating a plan to provide useful, beneficial and insightful content.  

A Large Number of Social Media Dubai Non-Users Are Consuming Content on Twitter 

Though current social media users have spent more time online, non-users have more regularly consumed social media content as well. Hootsuite revealed that content is being consumed more and more frequently by non-users or individuals who do not have a platform account.

This is made possible by Twitter since much of the content on the website is available online to the public. The positive side of this is that advertising can theoretically reach individuals outside of the current audience base of social media. However, it is not possible to communicate with content in this new audience category. This implies that, for example, media companies in Dubai will want to step away from driving interaction, and instead track reach, click through rate, conversions, and other metrics that apply.

Live Streaming Will Become the New Norm for Media Companies in Dubai

Many advertising agencies in Dubai believe that live streaming isn't for gaming alone. Streaming important shopping events is also becoming increasingly popular. This is taking the familiar home shopping channel in many respects and upgrading it for the modern generation.

We are also observing more and more live streaming customer support carried out. This entails procedures that would have been impossible in the past, such as setting up bank accounts.

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