Artificial Intelligence—Crafting Novel Ways in Digital Marketing

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Artificial Intelligence—Crafting Novel Ways in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence—Crafting Novel Ways in Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence marketing has become a must-do for businesses to surpass technological advancements in the 21st century. 
More than 40 percent of digitally mature firms (those with advanced digital practices) have a clear AI strategy in place.  

Similarly, over 80 percent of business executives feel that incorporating AI allows their company to maintain a competitive advantage.
This implies the fact that AI is already changing the way we think about marketing. AI can aid in the optimization and speeding up of a variety of marketing processes, enhancing client experiences and increasing conversions.

Haven't you jumped on board with artificial intelligence marketing? Or are you merely considering dipping your toes in the water? Now is the right time to embrace AI in your branding and marketing.
Here’s how you can make the best out of artificial intelligence marketing for your UAE based business.  

First, let’s understand…

What Is Artificial Intelligence in Marketing 

Gone are the days of relying on generic target groups. AI allows marketers to personalize their communications on an individual level.
This technology predicts client behavior using information gleaned from previous brand interactions.  

This means that marketers may provide content and marketing communications at the optimum possible times to convert leads into sales.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Used in Marketing?  

In the field of digital marketing, artificial intelligence (AI) can help to streamline and improve marketing strategies. It can also reduce the possibility of human error.  

While much of the digital marketing Dubai businesses still rely on human creativity, AI software may be able to create a report based only on data. However, personal touch is still required to properly connect with your customers.

AI shortens the time it takes to build a digital strategy

The demand for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to make the process of developing a digital strategy easier and more efficient has never been greater as more firms see the potential of digital marketing. 
An AI application is fundamentally less time consuming and more productive than a human employee. One of the key reasons why artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly popular among digital marketers and business owners is because of this.

Your digital marketing initiatives are automatically optimized by AI

Well, you've employed artificial intelligence marketing if you've ever placed a Facebook ad! Almost every digital site, including Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, incorporates AI in their advertising, and for a good reason. 
These social media platforms have access to massive amounts of data, which they utilize to ensure that users are actively enjoying their time on the network, which they accomplish by giving them material that they enjoy engaging with. Ads follow the same principle.  

Through the data collected and categorized by the platform's internal AI mechanics, you may target audiences whose hobbies and demographics fit with your ideal customers, but that's only one way AI aids paid social campaigns.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence marketing is a technique for predicting your client's next move and improving the customer journey by combining consumer data with AI principles such as machine learning.

Recommendations and content curation

We've all seen the "If you enjoyed this, you might also like" content recommendations that appear at the end of numerous articles on the internet. 
Many consumers are unaware that these suggestions are based on deep learning and other artificial intelligence marketing tools, in which machines evaluate enormous amounts of data about people's online behavior to estimate what they're most likely to want to do next.

Product suggestions

Marketers can use deep learning to create suggestions in more places than just content. Any major Ecommerce website, including Amazon, uses AI to recommend products based on the products you browse and buy.

Speech recognition 

If you use Siri, Google Assistant, or any other voice search program on your phone, you're well aware of how far speech recognition has progressed in recent years. 
Since the advent of voice search means that content must be optimized for inquiries that arrive in the form of questions rather than simply keywords, speech recognition is becoming increasingly relevant in the realms of SEO and content marketing.

Deep learning

Deep learning is the science that underpins artificial intelligence marketing. Deep learning "teaches" computers a range of skills, such as how to read text, speech, and images, and then uses what it learns to provide answers, clarify questions, and make recommendations. 
Deep learning, for example, is being used by Facebook to improve the filters on the posts and adverts you see.


Chatbots, which are designed to replicate human communication, are one of the most popular AI developments. In fact, more than 100k bots have been developed for the Facebook Messenger app.
You may already be aware of the ways in which chatbots can help us with our daily tasks. Chatbots are one of the most recent technological breakthroughs that work as a virtual assistant for the common consumer, from asking Alexa to play your favorite music to telling Siri to set an alarm.  

Chatbots make it easier for customers to seek help fast, which improves the customer experience. Chatbots answer inquiries in real time, eliminating the need to wait on hold or for an email response. 
As a result, they're ideal for straightforward inquiries like "How late are you open?" or "Where should I eat dinner?"

Chatbots can do wonders as your next customer service representative thanks to artificial intelligence marketing.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing Examples

Still not convinced with the potential of artificial intelligence marketing? We've selected a few remarkable artificial intelligence marketing examples to grab your interest.

Alibaba launched a FashionAI store

Alibaba, the world's leading retailer, has opened a real "FashionAI" store in Hong Kong to improve the fashion retail experience with artificial intelligence.
The platform included smart mirrors that display apparel information and suggest complementary things, as well as intelligent garment tags that recognize when an item is touched.

Alibaba's technology advancements are a response to shifting consumer demands.  According to a recent survey, 80% of buyers believe that retail technologies and innovations have improved their online shopping experience, while 65% feel the same about brick-and-mortar shopping.

Personalize by Amazon 

One of the first organizations to employ machine learning to make personalized product recommendations was Amazon. 
Nonetheless, extending these capabilities to organizations that use Amazon Web Services has proven difficult for the brand.

Since its initial launch, Amazon has improved Personalize's capability to the point that it can now give up to 50% better recommendations across a variety of fast-changing product genres, such as books, movies, music, and news articles.

Brand Language Optimization is at the heart of eBay's email marketing success

With a global reach, an ecommerce marketplace eBay is always seeking innovative methods to keep its customers interested. That means it'll be able to provide us with a plethora of AI marketing examples.
Since 2016, the company has been working with an artificial intelligence-powered customer experience platform to improve its marketing content, with an emphasis on email.

Final Thoughts 

From now on, AI will play a more prominent role in digital marketing. Exploring how to use this technology for your brand will not only improve your bottom line, but it will also prepare your company for the next technological evolution. 

  • Artificial intelligence helps marketers become more productive by allowing them to accomplish tasks faster.
  • AI tools can help everyone, regardless of their company's size.
  • Marketers save money by solving business problems with AI-powered solutions.

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