Ecommerce Payment Gateway Options in Dubai

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Ecommerce Payment Gateway Options in Dubai

Ecommerce Payment Gateway Options in Dubai

Getting a beautiful Ecommerce web design Dubai is all very well, but how do you get paid? How simple and convenient it is for your clients to pay for your products or services. For the success of your Ecommerce company, a smooth and safe payment path is crucial.
In the UAE, not all shopping carts and payment gateways are sponsored. Which options are available and which ones are especially appropriate for your company? This blog clarifies all your queries.

But First, What Is A Payment Gateway When It Comes to Ecommerce Web Design Dubai?

A payment gateway for Ecommerce web design Dubai is a technology that really converts your internet presence into an online store that works. It is basically a third-party between merchants and customers that takes the money from customers safely and transfers it to the bank account of the merchant.  

A payment gateway is a virtual counterpart of a physical terminal found in most retail outlets at the point of sale.

PayFort for Ecommerce Website Design Dubai

One of the most commonly used payment gateways in the UAE region is PayFort. They have changed their pricing plans recently. PayFort currently only provides two options for pricing, starter and Business. The monthly fee is 420 AED for the starter kit, while they charge 2.94 + 1.84 AED for each transaction. The Enterprise kit depends on the size of the organization and is custom-based.

PayFort has also launched its Card-On-Delivery (COD) service with the cooperation of (now owned by Amazon), an online e-commerce giant in the UAE. Card-on-delivery simply means that consumers with payment-on-delivery will now have the option of paying by cash or by card. Using a mobile card machine, the distribution agents can process both major credit and debit cards for Ecommerce web design Dubai.

Telr for Ecommerce Website Development

It was once considered to be one of the UAE's strongest start-ups, initially known as Innovate Innovate Payments. Worldwide, Telr provides its service in more than 120 currencies. One of Telr's unique features is that, in developing countries such as Indonesia and Pakistan, they sell their services.

Their monthly costs are AED 349, AED 149 and AED 99 respectively for entry, small and medium-level accounts for Ecommerce web design Dubai. There are no charges for the remittance of the entry-level package to the merchant account.

 HyperPay for Ecommerce Website Development in Dubai

Hyperpay is primarily a payment gateway based in Saudi Arabia, but they sell their service in the UAE as well. From a wide range of banks and well-known credit card firms, HyperPay has more than 100 partners. It also makes integration with major e-commerce sites such as WordPress and Magento very fast. HyperPay offers one of the best and extremely reliable fraud management systems.  

CCAvenue for Ecommerce Website in UAE

CCAvennue, which was established in India, is now a prominent online payment gateway in the UAE. They also offer the option of zero setup costs, but that comes with a high $54.45 monthly maintenance charge. On any purchase, they also charge 3 percent. CCAvenue is definitely an expensive choice, but they still provide a few free services, such as fraud prevention and on-call help 24/7. They support all major sites for e-commerce as well.

What Payment Gateway Is Preferred by Ecommerce Website Developers in Dubai

From the research done by our Ecommerce web design Dubai services, Telr, Payfort, HyperPay and CCAvenue are the best payment gateways in the UAE. In general, you will need to add a link module to incorporate one of these payment gateways into your e-commerce store or create a custom extension for that.
We are happy to help if you find it difficult to do the payment gateway integration! We can not only help you create a great online store with strong experience in eCommerce web design Dubai, but also integrate your store with any payment solutions. In addition, we have had several opportunities to work with UAE customers, so we are sure that all of your needs can be fulfilled.

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