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The Importance of Google Tag Manager in SEO

The Importance of Google Tag Manager in SEO

An SEO company Dubai observes a lot of flexibility with Google Tag Manager when it comes to adding codes and performing tasks  previously relegated to web developers.  
Prior to the debut of Google Tag Manager, an SEO company used to work with web developers to better understand and track website behaviors by injecting code directly into the HTML.  

Because in-house workers often lacked this wide skill set, this was typically executed via an SEO service.
With that in mind, this blog entails effective strategies an SEO company Dubai can employ to increase ranking with Google Tag Manager.

Google Tag Manager & Search Engine Optimization in Dubai

google tag manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a Google software that allows SEO services in Dubai to acquire a better understanding of what is going on with a website.  
GTM also makes it simple to integrate tags and triggers, as well as other SEO-related software such as Google Analytics.
It is a quick and easy way to add code snippets to your website while maintaining version control. Essentially, this means that your website will not be jeopardized by the unintentional deletion of critical code.  

Without the need for a developer, Google Tag Manager (GTM) allows any SEO firm to add the following services and capabilities to your website: 

  • Google Analytics & AdWords
  • Ecommerce Tracking
  • Funnel & Event Tracking
  • Custom HTML
  • Goal Tracking

Furthermore, Google Tag Manager makes it simple to establish and manage users,  and test and debug code snippets before deploying a version.

What is the Function of Google Tag Manager?

A tag manager primarily serves as a platform for marketers and SEO company Dubai to handle many tags on their websites. A developer is not required to modify the code used to generate tags.
The best aspect is that using Tag Manager requires basic technical expertise. Google Tag Manager's operation relies mainly  on a data layer that passes information from the page to the Tag Manager.

This GTM data layer information may then be utilized to deploy or fire desired tags. The Google data layer, for example, will connect the information in the tag with Google Analytics.
As a result, Google Analytics may now evaluate the data to calculate the conversion rate of the Google Analytics tag.

The Role of Google Tag Manager in SEO UAE


You may update two things with Google Tag Manager:   

  • Your website's tags: This contains Google Analytics, AdWords conversion tracking, and Floodlight counter, among other marketing and optimization tags.
  • Configuration values: This relates to the apps you've developed for mobile devices. You may easily alter your setup parameters if you've established a mobile app. This includes ad placement, timeouts, and game-play dynamics, among other things.

If you have numerous distinct tags linked with your website or if you need to debug your code if something isn't working right, the GTM can save you time and help you manage your code. 
It's also worth noting that by using tags on your webpages, you can tidy up your code and enhance the speed of your site.

A good SEO company Dubai implements GTM as it offers the following benefits: 

  • You gain a greater understanding of your visitors' behaviors, which you can report immediately into Google Analytics.
  • You can leverage tools like LinkedIn Insights, Pinterest Tags and others that are organically integrated.
  • You can track internal and external clicks on websites,  and do more advanced things like measure search bounce rate.

Why Every Best SEO Company in Dubai Use Tag Manager for SEO?

project SEO statistics 

Tagging for SEO is complex, and major companies, in particular, must update their product pages, landing pages, and blog content regularly. 
With Google Tag Manager, an SEO agency in Dubai can organize all your tags in one place, perform real-time debugging, control user rights, and have a seamless interaction with Google Analytics.

It Does Not Require Any Knowledge of Coding

Google Tag Manager enables users, such as an SEO firm in Dubai, to apply tags without requiring substantial technical experience. 
The user-friendly interface allows users to change, delete, or add GTM tracking code without the aid of web engineers, while some knowledge in the field is preferred. This enables small firms with minimal technological help, for example, to maximize their web tracking.

It Allows for Flexibility and Experimentation

Because GTM does not necessitate the use of a web developer, it allows the SEO agency to experiment with new techniques or concepts. 
In addition, it will enable you to swiftly execute trials and enhance methods that correspond with current digital marketing trends without relying on outside help.

Other Common Benefits

  • Depending on how many tags you use, it may help your site load faster.
  • It is compatible with non-Google goods.
  • All third-party codes are centralized.
  • The ability to experiment with and test nearly anything.
  • Google Tag Manager has a preview and debug mode, allowing you to examine what is and isn't functioning before going live. It displays which tags are active on the page. This feature is fantastic!

Why SEO Companies in UAE Prefer Tag Manager for Structured Data?

task management  

Because you can easily insert the appropriate structured data code and trigger it for relevant tracking purposes with Google Tag Manager, you can save time. 
Before you publish it on your website, you can generate the code independently, then inject it into a Tag and test it using the Google Structured Data testing tool.
Or get help from a professional SEO company in Dubai that has complete command of Google Tag Manager.

Google Tag Manager Vs. Google Analytics

  • Unlike Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager cannot provide statistics on website traffic data. It can, for example, provide information on the number of individuals that visited the website, leads produced from a marketing channel, user page view behavior, and so on.
  • Google Analytics supports data querying via reporting interfaces or APIs; however, GTM does not provide data querying.
  • While Google Analytics may be coupled with other tools for data transmission, Google Tag Manager does not. GTM can only transmit data to other tools, but Google Analytics can send and receive data from other tools.
  • Google Tag Manager does not keep any information. It is used to transfer data from one location to another. On the other hand, Google Analytics is a data source that keeps various information linked to websites on servers and utilizes the information to generate reports.
  • Google Tag Manager may be used to install Google Analytics (by deploying the Google Analytics tag). Google Tag Manager, on the other hand, cannot be added using Google Analytics. To install GTM, the GTM container code must be hardcoded into every page of the website.

Get Help from The Leading SEO Company Dubai

It may appear to be a lot of extra work when you could just use Google Analytics (which you most likely already have), but keep in mind that you have options for all your other tags. 
Because everything is in one location, the more you use the tool, the more valuable it becomes. By now, you should be able to see how Google Tag Manager can help with SEO and tracking what visitors are doing on your website.

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