How Digital Marketing Has Changed Throughout The Years

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How Digital Marketing Has Changed Throughout The Years

How Digital Marketing Has Changed Throughout The Years

The digital marketing Dubai industry has had to keep up with the continuous state of technological change and how people are evolving with technology for the past many years. For the past decade, the internet has largely transformed the marketing world. It has changed the way companies market and promotes their products and services. Audio and video were previously the most popular methods of informing consumers about goods and services.

Furthermore, compared to how things are now, there were fewer people who bought smartphones. To achieve high rankings, marketers used early SEO tactics such as keyword stuffing, unnecessary tagging, and backlinks. The increased use of the internet via social media platforms as well as websites, has boosted the use of content to market and disseminate information.  

Transparency of Digital Marketing Dubai

There is information everywhere when it comes to digital marketing Dubai. Marketing used to be about making a story and selling it, but now it's about discovering the truth and sharing it.

Customers are smarter than ever before, able to study products in seconds, easily comparing rivals and reviewers, and debunking any myths they come across. This shift is proving difficult for sales experts, as 70% of the buyer's journey is completed before a buyer contacts sales. SEO advancements have rendered keyword stuffing and spammy backlinks obsolete, allowing real value and good content to take their place as the new marketing style.

Digital marketing, when done correctly, will reduce the costs of conventional advertisement and promotion. Content management and search engine optimization are examples of areas where clients can be attracted without having to spend money on conventional ads or marketing.

Websites/Mobile Advertising & Digital Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Few businesses and enterprises felt the need for a website just a few years ago. Even the few businesses that did have websites didn't take it seriously. However, the introduction of mobile advertisements in 2017 made businesses know the value of having a website. This is due to the fact that many people used their smartphones to access the internet.  

Mobile advertisements made it possible for brands to target potential customers. As more people used the internet, mobile advertisements grew in popularity. Nonetheless, the introduction of numerous applications has put the viability of using websites for advertising purposes in jeopardy. Within digital marketing Dubai, the app development industry now goes like hotcakes.

Social Media & Digital Marketing for Your Business

For digital marketing Dubai, social media has proven to be an effective marketing tool. Who would have guessed that big brands would use Facebook and Twitter to market their products and services a decade ago? However, as the use of social media has grown, advertisers have had to adapt their strategies.  

According to current digital marketing Dubai estimates, Facebook has close to 2 billion users worldwide. When all other platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others are added together, the total number of active social accounts exceeds 4 billion. The advancement of social media marketing has also been aided by automation. Today, chatbots have the potential to take the place of a team of customer service representatives.  

For marketing reasons, many brands and industries also have dedicated YouTube channels. YouTube has grown in popularity as a marketing tool merely because it appeals to prospective clients more than written content.

The Need of Evolving Digital Marketing Services for Local Businesses

For digital marketing Dubai and all over the world, there are some clear latest trends that cannot be overlooked. The most obvious is the emergence of a slew of new places to publish and discover content outside of the traditional internet. The use of product information and documentation as marketing tools (look at the information mix on Amazon product pages), apps and mobile content, social media—the list goes on. If you don't incorporate all of it into your marketing plan, you'll be left behind.
This plethora of media choices has necessitated the use of automation tools for internet marketing services in Dubai. Then there's the rise of techniques like machine learning and artificial intelligence. We'll see the next level of marketing when these things become genuinely intuitive and helpful.

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