How Social Media Marketing in Abu Dhabi Is Different from Dubai?

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How Social Media Marketing in Abu Dhabi Is Different from Dubai?

How Social Media Marketing in Abu Dhabi Is Different from Dubai?

If you have been working for some time in social media marketing Dubai / Abu Dhabi, you will most likely use some of the most popular social media services to promote your business. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are among them. Pinterest, Snapchat and Google Plus are other common types of social media. It is common knowledge that posting content and making it viral is one of social media's key functions. These are not the only advantages you can get from them, however.

The Dawn of Social Media Marketing Dubai & Abu Dhabi

The UAE is probably the most Internet-savvy of all nations in the MENA region, from SEO to PPC to Social Media. A huge segment of society is highly dependent on the Internet, mainly because the bulk of the population in the country are expatriates from other countries.  

There is a huge demand for localized and web-based digital marketing services with free trade zones set up specifically for international investment in industries like IT. UAE is also one of the most connected countries in the region, in view of the heavy investment in telecommunications.

Leading Social Media Advertising Agency Dubai & Abu Dhabi

A social media marketing Dubai company, Plan A helps brands attract thousands of potential new customers online. Our result-driven service means that you get one step closer to your goals with every action we take. Get into your squad with our social media experts and strategists and find out how we make marketing campaigns go viral!
Plan A can help your company reach new heights online through our Social Media services as one of the leading agencies in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Our social media marketing Dubai company collaborates with you on multiple social media marketing channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and Snapchat, to create an unrivalled online presence. Plan A’s social media marketing services have supported government agencies, SMEs, multinational companies and represented their increasing digital brands on social media networks, covering a variety of industries in the UAE, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia, with over a decade of experience within the UAE.

Is There Any Difference Between Digital Marketing Abu Dhabi & Digital Marketing Dubai?

What is the pricing of social media marketing Dubai and Abu Dhabi? This is a hard question to answer. A good place to start is to look at why businesses are still not sure of the return they generate from their activity on social media. The issue is that social media activity is still defined by many organizations as publishing daily content on sites and then communicating with the responses.

The hope is that, based on the increased exposure of the brand and the engagement, this group of followers will either be current customers or potential customers that they feel will convert. Although this is not completely untrue, it is actually far from being a complete strategy for social media and one where a company will never be able to track any specific return on investment.

Is There A Difference in Pricing When It Comes to Social Media Marketing Abu Dhabi?  

The brief answer is that it really should not be there. But caveats are there. For example, if your company targets the local Abu Dhabi audience, compared to Dubai, you will need more content in Arabic rather than English. If this is the case, expect to pay a little more to take this additional work into account for your services, particularly if dual language posting is needed.  

What Company to Choose for Social Media Marketing Dubai & Abu Dhabi

As opportunities for social media increase, we believe it is important that Dubai and Abu Dhabi-based businesses partner with larger, full-service digital marketing agencies that have the expertise and a wide range of services that can meet the needs of your company from brand recognition to strategic lead generation.

The team at our social media agency Dubai consists of trained digital strategists and enthusiasts. We have state-of-the-art marketing strategies for social media marketing Dubai that have proven to drive superior ROI. We concentrate on the basics and help brands get heard over the noise and connect with a lasting impression that turns into leads with their target audience.

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