How to Choose the Right Name for Your Brand?

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How to Choose the Right Name for Your Brand?

How to Choose the Right Name for Your Brand?

Choosing a name for a company or a product may seem straightforward, but it's actually not! For an ultimate brand name to pass all evaluation requirements, hundreds to thousands of names are often considered.
The preliminary stage in developing an effective brand naming strategy is identifying a target audience, and here is where all of these brands come into play because each one caters to a specific client group or sector.
Moreover, name development is seldom as simple as people believe it to be; however, there are some underlying challenges. To be truly successful, it takes preparation, commitment, persistence, and ideally, the help of a branding agency Dubai.  

Based on the collective expertise of the professionals at our branding agency Dubai, we have provided a few suggestions below to assist you in creating strong brand names.

What Is Brand Naming Strategy and Why It Matters?

brand naming strategy  

A good brand name should be memorable, elicit pleasant connotations, convey the product's benefits, be unique, employ numbers to emphasize technology, and not infringe on any already-registered brand names. 
Be it clothing brand names, bag brand names, or face powder brand names, they should be selected with great care.
Developing a brand naming strategy is essential for building brand recognition, increasing market visibility, and gaining confidence in your target market.  
tely, it's not always as easy as it seems to get your naming approach right.

Choosing The Right Name for Your Brand

After a few brainstorming meetings, naming a brand is not something you do with a tiny committee.
It requires both a systematic approach and a ton of inventiveness.
When done well, the name can either help firms appeal to consumers' sensibilities or help them connect with them on an emotional level.

Express the Soul of Your Brand

Understand who you are and what you want to accomplish before naming yourself. You must express your brand’s soul to do this. This comprises:

  • Goal: What are you here to accomplish? How would you design such a future?
  • Motivation: Why do you exist?
  • Future: What future do you wish to contribute to shaping? What will the future hold?
  • Values: What tenets govern your actions?

These factors collectively affect everything you do as a company (including choosing a name).

Create A Plan for Selecting a Memorable Brand Name

  • Consider what your name should achieve.
  • Choose a strategy for integrating it with already-used product or service names (if applicable).
  • Choose the type of name you want to create—descriptive, original, the founder's name, etc.
  • Create impartial standards to assess the names you come up with.

After that, describe the product category in which your company will compete and list your main rivals.

  • Does the category it belongs to have slower or faster purchase cycles?
  • In what market does the brand compete?
  • Who are the main and supporting rivals?
  • Is it a deliberate purchase or an impulsive one?

Time to Brainstorm

brand ideas

The exciting (and occasionally brutal) phase is now. Gather your creatives and stakeholders, then organize a brainstorming session. 
While letting everyone loose might sound like fun, it works better to give them some form of limitations or rules to operate inside.  

You might want to open these sessions with particular tasks or questions. For instance:

  • List every adverb that describes your good or service.
  • Postulate the sentiments you want your customers to experience when using your product or service.
  • Make a word association exercise with your product or service.

Employ Parallel Processing

One of the most challenging aspects of brand development is naming, which calls for the most originality possible. 
Parallel processing is a method we employ on our projects to increase the likelihood of success by simultaneously utilizing numerous distinct creative processes. 
Recent efforts include using staff, innovative customers, experts, and AI-enabled web searches as examples.

Trademark Search Process After Reducing the List

brand trademark symbol> 

Methods might range from free ones that use search engines to investments with specialized law firms.
Finding out if someone employing a similar term anywhere near the same product category is the most sensible course of action. The amount of legal investment can be reduced if not.

Testing The Name

You may find that many of your potential names (or URLs) are already taken if you're competing outside your target area, so you'll need to make a lengthy list. 
Organize a brainstorming session with a variety of participants. Make a good plan and write down every thought for later consideration.

- Simple to spell and pronounce: Is it hard to search for or difficult to remember?
- Unique: Is it distinctive enough to stand out in the market?
- Brief: Is it simple and memorable?
- Extendable: Can it support a strong brand identity?
- Fitting: Is it appropriate for the product or industry category?
- Likable: Can the target audience identify with it?

Qualities Of a Great Brand Name by Branding Agency Dubai

factors for brand quality

A great brand name should be:

Be unique
How many pizza restaurants do you believe there are worldwide? Most likely thousands.
Dominoes, on the other hand, is a singularity. Generic brand names can be successful for small local businesses in your community, but they are challenging to grow into worldwide brands.

Be simple to recall
Have you ever been listening to your favorite podcast when the host revealed a URL for an intriguing product you couldn't purchase because you couldn't recall? 
Imagine how challenging it would be to stand out if the URL wasn't the only thing that was tough to remember, but also the brand name.
More harm is done by a name that is difficult to recall. It makes it far more difficult for users to find your website and make a purchase. 
Decide on something simple to remember rather than naming your company after the origins of Greek terms paired with the name of the street you grew up on.

Resonate interest
People should be piqued by the brand's identity when they hear its name.
For instance, you may be curious as to the origin of the word Purple after learning that it refers to a mattress brand. 
You are enticed to discover more about the brand's history by the name—and many successful brands share that quality.

What Are the Nine Types of Brand Names?

You need to develop a unique culture that cultivates the necessary kinds of employee attitudes and behaviors if you want to produce results that set your company apart.

Here are the nine types of company brand names:

  1. Conscious Brand — Has a goal to improve people's quality of life or have a good social or environmental impact.
  2. Experience Brand — Differentiates itself more or less by the experience it offers than through the goods or services it offers.
  3. Performance Brand — Provides goods that are dependable and of the highest performance.
  4. Disruptive Brand – Contests established practices and provides novel ideas that materially alter the market.
  5. Service Brand – Consistently provides excellent customer service and attention.
  6. Innovative Brand – Consistently releases cutting-edge and ground-breaking goods and technologies.
  7. Value Brand – Lower pricing is offered for basic quality.
  8. A luxury brand that charges more for higher-quality products.
  9. Style Brand – Differentiates its goods and services more or less exclusively through how they feel and appear.

Importance of Brand Name in Business

Businesses frequently believe that as long as their goods or services are good, it doesn't matter what they're labeled. Though branding is important for the growth of any business, the name matters too.
The truth is that one of the most important aspects of brand distinctiveness is your name. Your clients wouldn't be able to connect with you authentically without it.  
Therefore, it is essential to develop a focused brand name strategy early on.  

Let Our Marketing Agency in UAE Create a Perfect Name for Your Brand

A brand name strategy created by PLAN A team is more than just a collection of post-it notes and doodles from a brainstorming session. 
We can assist you if you want to make sure that each component of your brand works to strengthen the identity of your business.
Before creating brand names, our branding agency Dubai frequently conducts customer research to determine brand and category connotations. 
We often conduct several brainstorming sessions, and mind maps are usually created during at least one of those sessions.

Ready to develop a brand name that has great influence? Reach out to our experts today at [email protected]

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