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Instagram Evolution history

Instagram Evolution history

The Story of Instagram: How It Evolved from a Photo App to the World's Largest Social Media Platform

A personal brand has become necessary in today's socially connected world, where you can look up virtually anybody online. It can make a huge difference in whether you get that high-profile job or how successful you can be. building an effective personal brand, including your social media activity (LinkedIn profile, Instagram activity, etc.), personal branding tools, and public speaking at industry events. 

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Millions of people use it daily to share photos and videos. But how did Instagram become so popular?
In this blog post, we'll look at the history of Instagram and how it evolved to change our lives and personal brand.

The Early Days of Instagram: 

early Instagram logo

Instagram was started as a simple photo-sharing app on October 6, 2010. It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, two former employees of Google. The app was originally available on iOS only, but it quickly gained popularity and surpassed one million users within two months of its launch. From the beginning, the app's primary objective was to display photographs, especially those captured on mobile devices. 
Instagram then expanded to other platforms, including Android and Windows Phone. In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion. The app continued to grow in popularity and now has over one billion monthly active users.

It is now a platform for people to connect with others, share their experiences, and express themselves; hence it evolved into much more. 
However, Instagram can be challenging if you're just getting started. There are so many types of content, and the learning curve appears steep and you need to learn Instagram from experts.

Here are some tips for using each type of content for Instagram effectively.

Types of Instagram content:

1. Instagram feed content:
Upload a photo or take a new one, and the photo will be displayed on your Instagram account profile and your followers' feed.
If you are starting on Instagram or want to grow your following, the main feed is where people can find you (recommended to you).

2. Live Instagram videos:

Instagram Live is a great way to quickly communicate and engage with your followers. Display an unedited, perfectly curated version of yourself/your brand to your followers.
Select Instagram Live from the camera icon at the top left of your main feed. Go live now. Stop the broadcast and save the live stream.

3. IGTV (Aka Instagram TV):

An Instagram app and features that allows you to share and watch videos. The format is similar to Instagram Stories, but you can upload long-form content for up to an hour, and your videos will not be deleted after 24 hours.
If you want to share a longer-length video with your followers and expand your reach with curated videos, IGTV is the way to go!

4.  Instagram Stories:
Instagram Stories is a feature that appears at the top of the feed. They get a lot of views, and if your account is verified, you can upload photos, videos, and even links. The catch is that the photos or videos vanish after 24 hours. So, use the latest content here.
Using various elements, IG Stories allows you to communicate with your followers (polls, surveys, etc.). Share something time-sensitive with your followers, and creatively build a strong relationship with them.

5.  Instagram Reels:
Instagram Reels are short-form, vertical videos.
The best part about using reels on Instagram is that they can contain any media. The video reel is ideal for showcasing animated, video, or live-action footage. However, if you don't have any of these items, you can always use a photo reel and upload photos from your phone by combining different shots and styles to make it more engaging.

However, the types of content on Instagram and ways to use it have evolved as the application has grown to become Instagram as a marketing tool and its attempt to follow other popular apps in recent times, such as Tik-Tok.


How Instagram transformed from a photo-sharing platform to a Tik-Tok clone and then to a full-screen video platform as a marketing tool:

Instagram tik-tok clone

Recently, users have begun to flock to platforms like Tik-Tok from Instagram. In response to this user behavior, Instagram has significantly changed its platform to lure its users back.
Instagram is all about sharing photos and videos with your friends. But now, the app has been transformed into a Tik-Tok clone, with users able to share short videos of themselves everywhere in the world. This change has not been well-received by the Instagram community, and many users have expressed their frustration with the new direction the app is taking. Only time will decide if these changes will be enough to bring users back to Instagram.  
Considering that the video duration on Tik-Tok, the strongest competitor of Instagram, is 10 minutes, we can say that the duration of Reels on Instagram is still short.
However, Instagram seems to be trying not to detach the platform too much from its essence.

Instagram achieved another accomplishment since it launched for the first time in 2010 as a photo-sharing app. But over time, the app has transformed into a full-blown video platform. While this transition may not seem sudden, Instagram has always been centered on reels and sharing moments with friends. And this is a better way to share a story than a video.
With video, you can show rather than tell. You can transport your friends to the places you visit and the things you do. You can even give them a glimpse into your thoughts and feelings.
And therefore, Instagram exceeded Tik-Tok with its own character when it launched new features to its application in 2022.

Instagram’s New Features in 2022 and How it Helps in Growing Business: 

Instagram new features in 2022

As Instagram is sprouting and flourishing day to day. It is continuously grabbing the monopolizing of its 1 billion active users. The app is changing and testing new Instagram features to keep its users interested. Instagram has added several fantastic features in 2022.

  • Reels video duration increases to 90 seconds. Users who want to upload Reels to Instagram have been able to shoot videos of up to 60 seconds to date. With the new update, this time will be increased to 90 seconds. 
  •  A new sound library is coming. With the feature called Import Audio, users will be allowed to add audio from external sources.
  • Survey and slider stickers are coming to Reels. A user will be able to add polls or slider stickers after creating the Reels video. 
  • Creating Reels videos will become easier with ready-made templates. This feature will be helpful for users who want to shoot a Reels video but do not know what to do will have predetermined everything for their Reels automatically by entering the Templates section. The captured video will be adapted to the template, and the user's work will be easier.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Instagram's evolution in the digital space is marked by its rapid success, which has exploded into one of the world's most successful platforms.
People have taken to Instagram faster than any other social media app because it has a simple and intuitive interface, meaning new users can easily enjoy all that Instagram offers.  

In addition, it can help people build their own businesses.
Are you looking to build a presence for your business on Instagram? Our social media experts are ready to help you utilize this amazing and fast-growing channel. Contact us now.

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