Mobile First Indexing - Things you Need to Know

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Mobile First Indexing - Things you Need to Know

Mobile First Indexing - Things you Need to Know

It’s 2021—the era of mobile. The number of mobile searches has now surpassed the number of desktop searches for the first time in over five years. Since more people view mobile versions, it makes sense for Google to index and rank material based on mobile pages. This is the reason many businesses in the UAE are inclining towards mobile SEO services.

In this blog post, you will get to know the best strategies and techniques followed by mobile SEO services that are important for mobile-first indexing.  
But first, let's address the most immediate question:

What is Mobile-First Indexing?

What better way to explain Google's mobile-first indexing than from the company itself!
“Mobile-first indexing” refers to Google's preference for indexing and ranking mobile-friendly content. When evaluating the relevance of a page to a user's query in the past, the index largely used the desktop version of the website's content.”

Things To Know About Mobile-First Indexing & Search Engine Optimization in Dubai

Google caters to its user base by rewarding websites that deliver a fantastic experience because the bulk of searches are conducted on mobile devices.
Here’s how pro mobile SEO services advise you to have a 100% mobile-friendly site.  

Do A Mobile-Friendliness Test on Your Website  

Google will index desktop sites as well as mobile sites, so you don't need a mobile site to be in the mobile-first index. However, if your site is not mobile-friendly, it will be more difficult to rank. For those of you who do not yet have a mobile-friendly site, there is still work to be done.
So, what are your options as per mobile SEO services? Take Google's mobile-friendliness test to see if your site is compatible with mobile devices. This is, in our opinion, a minimum requirement. If your site fails this test, it means your mobile version isn't up to par.

Navigation and Links as Per Mobile SEO Services in Dubai

External links to your site are generally not a concern for you. As long as your canonical tags are right, they should properly consolidate and be counted for your mobile sites.
When it comes to internal links, expert mobile SEO services make sure that all the important ones are still available on your mobile version.  

Breadcrumbs, for example, may have been omitted from a mobile site to conserve space. Some websites have a mobile menu that is smaller than their desktop menu. These could affect your rankings as they may modify how PageRank moves across your site.

SEO Companies in UAE Make Sure Googlebot Can Access Your Content

Generally speaking, Google cannot provide you traffic or conversions if it cannot access and read your website. The following are some important tips by pro mobile SEO services for your mobile website:

  • On both your mobile and desktop sites, use the same robots meta tag.  
  • Don't lazy load user content that requires interaction in your robots.txt file.
  • Check that you're not prohibiting any pages from being crawled in your robots.txt file, which can fully block your mobile site from being crawled.

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Use of SEO UAE Tools

To detect important differences, professional mobile SEO services run crawls with SEO tools on both desktop and mobile devices.
Running a couple of crawls on your website is one of the greatest ways to discover all the essential improvements you'll need to make on your mobile website (there are a number of SEO tools you can use for this).  

Compare the results from your mobile site to those from your desktop site, and make sure that any flaws with the mobile site are addressed first.
You still want your desktop visitors to have a wonderful time, but prioritizing your mobile site ensures that you won't be losing a lot of traffic.  

Get Help of The Best SEO Agency UAE

Take some time to assess your website's mobile version. Is your design up to par? Or do you think you could do better? Is it possible to tap the buttons? So, how's your content? Could you make your text easier to read on a mobile device? 
You should get started on making sure your website provides a fantastic mobile experience. This will have an immediate impact on your rankings.

But why not save yourself from all this hassle, and let professional mobile SEO services do the work for you? Contact our SEO experts today to get a free consultation.

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