October News - Digital Marketing Recap

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October News - Digital Marketing Recap

October News - Digital Marketing Recap

As a group of digital marketing enthusiasts, we keep up with the most recent trends and tactics so you can concentrate on what you do best. 
We are dedicated to assisting businesses to thrive in this constantly shifting environment since we believe that digital marketing is the future of marketing. 
Keeping up with the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing can be challenging, but we're here to help.

This news blog contains information about digital marketing updates and feature announcements happened in October 2022. Here are the top stories:

  • Instagram Is Experimenting with A New Feature That Would Let You Add a Song to Your Profile
  • To Improve Ad Performance, TikTok Has Introduced Automated "Smart Performance Campaigns”
  • Amid Privacy and System Changes, Meta Shares New Insights to Improve Ad Performance
  • Twitter Starts a Community-Wide Trial of Audio Chats
  • Twitter to Let Users Manage Who Can Mention Them
  • Linktree And TikTok Have Partnered to Increase Traffic
  • With YouTube Handles, YouTube to Support The @username Format 
  • Live Testing of Native Post Scheduling on Instagram

Let’s get started.  

Instagram Is Experimenting with A New Feature That Would Let You Add a Song to Your Profile

 Instagram profile setting

According to reports, Instagram is developing a new feature that would let users choose the song they want to have played when someone views their profile.
An app researcher named Alessandro Paluzzi was the first to notice the new "music" selection in Instagram's profile settings. Along with the music of their choice, users can also add an additional caption to their bio.
Users have not had the option to choose a song to express their style and personality on social media since 2006.  

This nod to the past will be a pleasant method for users to enjoy their profile creation on Instagram, even though the common feeling is that Instagram should focus on more important things (developing their AI, for instance).
Although it appears that this upgrade is more intended for individual users, influencers, and artists, we think that brands can benefit by using it to add some individuality to their profiles.
There has been no official announcement from IG regarding live testing, whether the music will automatically play when you visit a profile, or even if it will ever go live.
We'll keep you informed of any updates.

To Improve Ad Performance, TikTok Has Introduced Automated "Smart Performance Campaigns”

TikTok icons

A new automated ad process called Smart Performance Campaigns, which essentially asks you to put your trust in TikTok's machine learning systems for comprehensive ad targeting and optimization, is TikTok's attempt to make it easier for advertisers to maximize their results in the app.

According to TikTok:

Our first comprehensive automation solution, Smart Performance Campaign, uses machine learning to optimize for the best performance and marketing objectives.
Smart Performance Campaign is made to execute performance campaigns at scale while minimizing the number of human processes required to drive results in order to maximize results and target the relevant people.

The least amount of assistance from advertising is required to get things going. With the use of machine learning, launching a Smart Performance Campaign is as simple as it sounds. A marketing goal, budget, location, and creative resources are all you need to get started.
At the end of the month, TikTok says Smart Performance Campaign will be internationally accessible for Android App Promotion campaigns, with further features coming later this year.

Amid Privacy and System Changes, Meta Shares New Insights to Improve Ad Performance

Meta new insights

Meta is working hard to preserve ad income flows despite expanding data restrictions and changes in the landscape of digital advertising. This has forced it to reassess workforce, realign its goals, and alter how its ad systems work.
This has resulted in inconsistent results on both Facebook and Instagram, and many advertisers have occasionally found the number of tweaks necessary to re-optimize their campaigns annoying.

This is something that Meta is aware of, and as a result, it is updating its methods accordingly. And as a part of this, Meta recently unveiled its new "Performance 5" framework, which is a collection of 5 data-supported methods that could help to improve advertising effectiveness on Meta platforms.
Advertisers should concentrate on five essential components, according to Meta, who want to help SMBs get the most out of their campaigns.

Broad targeting 
Broad targeting currently yields greater results for Facebook and Instagram advertisements than more specialized, more limited audience methods, according to several performance advertisers who swear by it.

Conversions API
Implementing the Meta Conversions API enables a direct link to be established between Meta advertisements and online activities like website purchases or "add to cart" actions.
It is unaffected by Apple's ATT changes because it immediately connects your CRM data to the Meta ads platform, enabling greater information flows despite expanding restrictions.

Adaptive for mobile video
Of course, since it's Meta in 2022, one of its top suggestions is video.
Advertisers who utilize mobile-first creative (vertical videos kept to 15 seconds or less and use of mobile-first creative) spend less on their campaigns than those who do not.

Streamlined Ad units
According to Meta, combining advertisements, ad units, and campaigns will increase value effectiveness and efficiency.
Meta's supply system works more effectively and uncovers more opportunities for an advertiser's budget by leveraging similar creative across ad units.

A/B testing
A/B testing, focused on creativity, targeting, or ad set structure, is Meta's final major suggestion. This will provide additional context to help you make wiser decisions about your campaigns.

Twitter Starts a Community-Wide Trial of Audio Chats

Twitter space

Twitter is still looking for methods to incorporate "social audio," despite the trend's declining popularity. The possibility of an audio chat in a Community Space is the most recent upgrade. 
It's unclear if users will really use audio features, but this could be an intriguing new approach to foster topical talks in a smaller group.
A group of US administrators and moderators will have access to construct live Spaces within their Twitter Communities as part of this trial.

Beyond 280 characters, audio in Communities adds an additional layer of personality and connectivity. 
By starting live audio conversations that are relevant to a Community and topic, Community admins will be better able to lead their Communities, engage their members, and engage in meaningful conversations with others who have similar interests.

Twitter to Let Users Manage Who Can Mention Them

Twitter settings

Twitter is working on a feature that could reduce bullying and harassment on the social networks. The business is creating a means for customers to manage who can mention them on Twitter. 
The new settings would allow users to choose whether to restrict mentions to those they follow or disable them entirely. Naturally, you would still have the choice to enable anyone to mention you, just like Twitter does right now.
The platform would benefit from the new controls, and it's encouraging to know that Twitter is considering more measures to assist users in shielding themselves from abuse in addition to the current anti-abuse capabilities.

The firm has regularly come under fire for not doing enough to stop harassment and abuse, and coordinated trolling attacks have no place on Twitter's platform.
While users with a public profile may experience higher amounts of harassment than other types of users, it is a widespread issue, particularly given the persistence of racist abuse on Twitter. 
The new measures would be a step toward shielding users from harassment and trolling every description online.

Linktree And TikTok Have Partnered to Increase Traffic

TikTok app 

In order to increase referral traffic from the app, TikTok has announced a new partnership with Linktree that will provide creators more options for referral links that are seamlessly incorporated into their TikTok profiles.
To be clear, Linktree links have always been an option for TikTok creators to add to their bios in order to provide profile visitors more avenues to connect. But this new integration will improve the experience even more and make it easier to connect the two platforms.
The collaboration will be incorporated into the "Profile Kit" section of TikTok's "TikTok for Developers" program, which enables developers to create tools on top of TikTok's platform for improved integration and usefulness.

Additionally, creators will have the option of manually choosing which videos they want to appear in their link-in-bio or displaying their most recent or most popular videos.
And according to Linktree, with Linktree profiles producing more than five million TikTok views daily, TikTok is already among the most connected to platforms from its service.

With YouTube Handles, YouTube to Support The @username Format  

YouTube app  

Creators may now more easily direct viewers to their channels thanks to YouTube. Today, the firm unveiled "handles," a new feature that allows artists to use a @username format to identify their channel and communicate with their followers on YouTube Shorts, channel pages, in video descriptions, in comments, and elsewhere.
Everyone on YouTube will have access to these handles. You don't need to be a large or popular creator to claim your own individual @handle.
On social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and others, handles and @usernames are widely used.  

However, YouTube had only provided basic support for the format, such as the ability for producers to utilize the @ symbol to reference channels in video titles and descriptions and to mention other users in YouTube Live discussions. 
But in other places and debates, the @username option wasn't present. Instead, tagging another YouTube user would require you to respond to their comment.
Following the introduction of a handle, YouTube will also generate a corresponding URL of the format youtube.com/@handle, allowing the creator to promote their handle elsewhere on the internet or in other media. 
Additionally, if the channel already used a customized URL for a related reason, they won't need to adjust their links because the old one will immediately redirect to the new handle-based URL.

Live Testing of Native Post Scheduling on Instagram

Instagram setting

A live test of native scheduling in the app has been launched by Instagram, initially with a small number of users but with the possibility of an expansion in the near future. It was discovered in the app's back-end code a few weeks ago.
The built-in post-scheduling feature of Instagram will be introduced to the advanced choices in the post composer flow.
This feature will allow you to choose a date and time for the post to go live. This, it seems, will let you plan both regular posts and Reels (no info on Stories).
That may be a useful update, giving you a simple way to manage your Instagram posts while you're on the move. However, practically speaking, it doesn't bring anything new because Creator Studio has allowed you to schedule posts since 2020.

Even said, having a native, in-app scheduling option, directly in the composer flow, may be a terrific addition, allowing you to plan out your Instagram publishing schedule whenever you choose while still having access to all of Instagram's composition tools and possibilities.

When we inquired about native scheduling on IG, Meta responded with the following succinct statement:
With a portion of our global network, we are exploring the scheduling of content.
Not very detailed, but you might already have access to the feature via your Instagram app. And if you don't have it, it might be arriving soon; initial testing suggests that the app will perform effectively.

Wrap Up

We are a group of enthusiastic digital marketing specialists who are constantly searching for the newest strategies and approaches. We are eager to impart our knowledge to the world because we are passionate about what we do. If you missed our September digital marketing forecast, here it is.  

Moreover, consider going through our popular blogs to keep yourself up to date with the latest social media marketing trends:

So, what do you think of these latest digital marketing updates? Stay tuned to our blog for crisp updates coming to the digital marketing industry.

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