How to Rebrand Your Business on Social Media?

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How to Rebrand Your Business on Social Media?

How to Rebrand Your Business on Social Media?

According to 70% of marketers, maintaining consistent branding is the key to attracting new clients and keeping existing ones.
And that's the problem—how do you change who you are without alienating your current clientele?

This blog post will explain how to rebrand your business on social media while maintaining a positive client experience.
It's crucial for business owners to take command of the issue and lead the charge when it comes to transitioning the company when it does evolve past its existing positioning. This is especially significant when taking into account your social media profile.

Nevertheless, with all the risks, it is well worth it to update your social media sites and create branding that reflects your new business philosophies.
Check out our comprehensive guide to successfully revamping your brand's social media pages if you're planning for a rebrand.

But first, let’s see…

When Is It Time to Rebrand Your Social Media Presence?  

You must comprehend your motivation for rebranding before you can begin to develop your strategy.  

The choices you pick will depend on the motivations behind your rebranding. Also, if you don't know why you're rebranding, it's probable that you won't be successful.

Here are some compelling arguments for rebranding your online persona:

  • You want to change your branding in conjunction with the debut of a new line of products, season, or other initiatives.

  • Your brand was never purposefully created. You've been basically winging things, but now you want a more organized strategy.

  • If you're rebranding your company as a whole, your social media presence must coincide.

  • Your brand has recently had a serious crisis, and you want to restore public perception of you.

  • Many individuals have consistently provided you with unfavorable input regarding your existing branding and social media tone.

  • You sound and look too much like your rivals.

  • You want to connect with a new target market, but your previous branding is ineffective with them.

It's crucial to take the time to plan out how this process will proceed before you begin upgrading your social media sites.
So to be clear, rebranding can go horribly wrong if you don't focus on setting the right foundation for this significant change. The most effective resources you have prior to launch are preparation and research.

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What Fundamental Elements Constitute a Social Media Rebrand?

The short answer is that it differs.

Deliverables such as the following must be created, gathered, and accepted for social media rebranding.

  • Visual identity graphics, color schemes, and logos

  • Posts for your various social media accounts

  • Hashtags, @brand social handles, and the name of your business

  • Your mission statement, taglines, and announcement information

Be aware that larger rebranding campaigns usually include elements of social media rebranding. Also, not every rebranding endeavor necessitates the same volume of research.

For instance, a refresh could include modest changes like a new logo or mission statement. While a brand reboot may include completely rebuilding the company, a brand revamp generally entails starting from scratch.

Tips & Suggestions to Rebrand Your Business on social media

rebranding of business

Assess the Social Media Ecosystem You Currently Have

An audit must be the preliminary step in your rebranding. Doing a social media audit is a hassle. But for a variety of reasons, it's crucial in this situation.
Initially, a profile audit guarantees that you don't forget about any of your social network accounts (this happens more often than you might think).  

By doing this, you can avoid having to rush to produce any last-minute assets on launch day. Consider any additional social media platforms or post types you'd like to incorporate into the mix; a rebrand is an excellent opportunity to explore uncharted territory.

As a baseline for performance following the rebrand, consider your current follower and interaction rates. 
After launch day while your audience acclimates, you can anticipate your analytics to seem strange for a while. Once things have calmed down, the numbers from your audit will be a helpful source of information.

One good suggestion is to save yourself from the hassle and get help from our branding and creative design services for your brand audit. This way you can save your time, effort and in turn money.  

Make A Launch Day Schedule

launch day calendar  

The creation of your launch day plan is another important step in rebranding your social media. 
Have a process in place for how you're going to tackle the adjustments and launch your new brand on social media before you make any changes to social media.

Every step of the process should be mapped out so that you know what to concentrate on initially. 
Choosing the people who will work on each project component will be made easier with the aid of a launch plan. To help your team know when to finish work, make sure you set deadlines for each step as well as for the launch day.

You'll maintain focus and complete all the tasks necessary to smoothly launch your social media rebranding if you make a launch day strategy.

Give Your Social Media Team a Spot at The Rebranding Table

Social media is now a completely integrated part of a well-designed corporate business strategy, not just an afterthought or a bonus.

As a result, you must invite your social media team to the table for all meetings about your rebranding approach. They are equally crucial and required for any rebranding to succeed.

Adapt New Visual Language for Social Media

visuals on social media  

It's likely that your company last changed its branding before the advent of social media.

Since many of your logos, fonts, and other design decisions weren't social media-optimized, your company probably basically forced its design style onto its social media platforms when social media first emerged.

The moment has come to develop a fresh new design language that is both properly optimized for and harmonious with the sensitivities of contemporary social media.

Prepare FAQs

No matter how smoothly your launch goes, there will probably be inquiries. Take the time to consider their demands since the last thing you want is for your social media audience to be concerned or perplexed about this significant change in branding.

Make a note of all the inquiries you anticipate receiving following the launch. Provide thoughtful yet clear responses that will reassure your community.
If you're committed to giving your community members a top-notch experience, designate someone to monitor your social media pages after launch and respond to inquiries as they arise.

Having someone available to respond quickly to a user base that has undergone a significant change may initially appear superfluous, but it can prevent misunderstanding and irritation in the long run.

Give Potential Brand Customers a Sneak Peek

coming soon banner for rebranding your business on social media 

Everyone enjoys being made to feel unique and having access to things that are off limits to the general public.
By providing an early peek of your rebranding efforts to your greatest social media followers (as well as bloggers and journalists who cover your business), you can cash in on this widespread demand.

You may choose which lucky fans get to take part in this special peek using social media to spread the word about it.
Make sure to discuss the reasoning behind your rebranding effort during this sneak peek, including how colors, shapes, and phrases were chosen, as well as how it is assisting you in reaching a new audience.

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Are You Prepared to Rebrand Your Business on Social Media?

If you want to do it well, reinventing yourself on social media calls for meticulous thought and precise execution.
But for brands trying to distinguish themselves from their rivals, going through the process is essential.

It's time to consider the most recent social media trends and strategies firms are utilizing to stand out from the competition now that you understand how to launch a rebrand on social media.
We'll assist you in launching your social media rebrand. You can rely on us to make the process simple and effortless for your company because our client recommendation score is 488% better than the industry average.

Call our toll-free number 800 75262 and speak with our strategists about your social media rebranding today!

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