The Top 5 Digital PR Agencies in Dubai

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The Top 5 Digital PR Agencies in Dubai

The Top 5 Digital PR Agencies in Dubai

The target audience in recent times spends much of its time on the internet and online PR helps you to target certain individuals using popular social media networks, blogs and other channels of advertising. It has become important to build one yourself, with most brands having a strong online presence, and PR agency Dubai helps you do that. It clearly conveys the brand's distinctive personality to the consumers and ensures that they know about your goods and services.

Five Leading PR Companies in Dubai

You need to settle for something that produces the results if traditional advertising strategies and other digital marketing services struggle to do the job. This is where PR services will help you boost your presence online.

Let’s discuss the leading PR agency Dubai one by one:

Plan A—Best PR Agency Dubai

Plan A Agency is a dynamic PR agency that assists you with relentless efforts, imagination, and innovation in your PR game. Whether compensated, owned or won media, we have an overarching expertise in making your brand shine. We emphasize customer loyalty in every aspect and on every channel, equipped with a team of people who show exceptional zeal.

In addition to helping you create a unique brand value for your business and distribute it to your target audience, an advertising company like Plan A in Dubai can also help you understand the significant and appropriate avenues for your company to invest in.
Plan A optimizes the budget to target the correct channels to get the desired outcomes with many social media platforms to put your business in. By providing PR services in Dubai for your brand or company, Plan A actively contributes. Our PR agency Dubai helps you to amplify your digital PR efforts through:

  • Positive coverage from influencers
  • Maintaining robust Public and Media Relations
  • Publishing bilingual content (English and Arabic) on PR websites
  • Active product launches
  • Effective Event Marketing
  • Engaging podcast interviews

7G Media

7G Media PR agency Dubai was founded in 2007 and has rapidly risen to the top to become one of the nation's most trusted digital marketing businesses. It is well known in Dubai for its multi-pronged marketing tactics. It has a bold approach to providing companies with online PR solutions via social media.  


ParamInfo works on the premise that when the art of business meets emerging technology research, PR marketing works best. Similarly, ParamInfo offers services through which consumers in this highly competitive market can market, promote, view, and sell their goods online.


This is one of the premier companies in Dubai and, of course, one of the best in PR marketing. Igloo has experience working with a wide variety of marketing channels, whether social media or blogs, enabling the consumer to choose their target platforms. It helps consumers refine their investment habits to increase sales. To provide a wide variety of PR services, the team at Igloo utilizes all the latest technology


EDS is a PR agency Dubai. It was founded as a Lead Generation and Social Media Marketing business in 2006. For businesses around the world, their team of experts provides innovative online business strategies and digital marketing outcomes. The EDS team seeks strategies specifically designed for an organization in order to achieve objectives such as:

What Is the One Stop PR and Social Media Agency in Dubai?

Plan A is an influencer PR agency that allows you to mix your conventional PR strategies with digital strategies easily by designing interesting campaigns. We help you work on the top platforms with our state-of-the-art strategies by offering you a personalized solution that suits all your requirements.
The team at our PR agency Dubai is well-versed with the nitty-gritty of digital PR and can help you make the most of the channels from their professional network using their business experience and previously developed contacts.

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