What Is Creative Marketing? Explore Interesting Brand Work

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What Is Creative Marketing? Explore Interesting Brand Work

What Is Creative Marketing? Explore Interesting Brand Work

Marketing has followed a history of developing eras throughout the previous few decades. From mass marketing (1860-1920), direct marketing (1920-1940), and now to social media and digital marketing (2010-present).  
The rising digital infrastructure has altered how firms run and promote, thanks to the adoption of data-driven methods. The increase in consumer access to digital media has altered how consumers think, act, and make purchases, compelling the retail sector to adapt in order to thrive. 
Similarly, the way we consume information is changing quicker than ever in the mobile-first era of communication that we are currently experiencing.  

Every day, we are exposed to hundreds of media messages, making it harder and harder for marketers to stand out. However, it also offers countless chances to develop new, interesting methods to engage viewers with our tales.
Those that possess it will employ money in an effort to edge out their rivals. However, those who employ creative marketing to broaden their exposure are the most successful.
But the question is, what exactly is creative marketing? How Dubai marketing companies are employing creative marketing in their brand work? Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is Creative Brand Marketing?

A variety of factors go into creative marketing. It involves building and comprehending your brand, being aware of the requirements and wants of your audience, and engaging with their emotions.
Your company must therefore align with your brand and marketing initiatives in order to maximize the effectiveness of this type of marketing.

Why be creative? 

When we talk about this, we consider fields like design, music, and the arts. This emerging field makes use of innovative ideas to market the goods and services of a company. It uses the most potent aspects of both creativity and marketing to accomplish this.

There are numerous types of creative marketing that can be approached in various ways, such as:

  • Branding
  • Customer Experience
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Services and products

Creative Guerrilla Marketing: A Modern Approach to Marketing  


The height of creativity is what is known as guerrilla marketing. Its strategies, which are difficult to define, heavily rely on the element of surprise to attract attention and unintentionally disrupt (in a good way) an audience.
A well-done guerilla marketing campaign can expand the reach of a business and is creative, interesting, and shareable. 
For example, as shown in the image above, Duracell adds flashlight posters to well-lit areas to remind people of the strength of Duracell.
This type of advertising is typically found on the streets, at public locations like train stations, or at events. There are also some inventive guerilla marketing ideas that can only succeed if people interact with them.
Guerrilla tactics will not only breathe life into a wonderful campaign; they will also be discussed in team meetings. Additionally, it can spark your imagination and serve as motivation for other aspects of a digital marketing strategy for a brand.

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What Does Creative Marketing Include?

As per many Dubai marketing companies, creative brand marketing is a method of marketing products that makes use of artistic talent that appeals to the eye, such as music, design, literature, interior design, etc.
The following categories of inventive marketing tactics are crucial:

  • Content marketing, which includes webinars, podcasts, blogs, videos, and eBooks.
  • Branding - Establishing a consistent visual, verbal, and value identity for your brand.
  • Products and Services - It's important to position your offerings for your target market in a distinctive way.
  • Customer Experiences - This refers to both in-person and online user and customer experiences.

Why Popular Dubai Marketing Companies Focus on Creative Marketing

The modern marketing sector cannot function without creative marketing. It's the foundation of everything that firms do now, not just an added ingredient. 
Because it's all about reshaping views and forging new connections with potential customers, creative marketing is essential to the success of every business.
Although creativity has long been valued as a resource in marketing, its importance has increased recently. 
Consumers are constantly being inundated with messages regarding goods and services because of the growth of social media. Marketers must use creativity and innovation in their campaigns to stand out and capture the interest of potential customers.

Explore Interesting Brand Work Examples by Popular Brands

When done well, emotional appeal ads that highlight and embrace a genuine, relatable human condition can pique a potential client's interest and give them a "gut feeling" for a business, product, or service. 

  • Visual - These are recognizable visual components that help to define a brand. Customers can recognize a brand only by looking at the visual content that goes along with it.
  • Value - People will know you for the intentions and values that your organization professes to uphold, thanks to value branding.

The examples below highlight the manner in which imaginative, person-centered advertising may solidify a devoted brand following:

KitKat—Have A Break

KitKat have a break

Recall KitKat's "Take a Break" advertising campaign? It serves as a prime illustration of how a straightforward phrase may become synonymous with your brand identity in the minds of your target audience. 
Their slogan is succinct, memorable, and easy to recall. Most importantly, it is consistent with the message and presentation of the product.

Coca-Cola—Share A Coke

One of the most successful marketing programs in the century-long history of the beverage corporation is Coca-Cola’s "Share A Coke" initiative. In order to encourage customers to buy a can with a name they are familiar with and share it, Coca-Cola swapped its recognizable logo for 250 of the most popular names in the US when the campaign debuted there in 2014. 
Customers were urged to use the hashtag #ShareaCoke to share not just their coke but also their experience in order to connect with other consumers through social media and internet marketing.

Dove—Real Beauty Sketches

One of Dove's most well-known films, "Real Beauty Sketches," examines the discrepancy between how we see ourselves and how others see us. 
It is a notable illustration of how human emotion and shared experience can spread a message and dispel cultural preconceptions. 
Dove was able to portray a gentler aspect to the idea of "beauty" by capitalizing on the idea that we are continually exposed to unrealistic ideals of beauty - in magazines, on TV, in advertising, and on social media - to the point that we undervalue the true beauty in ourselves.

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