What Is Robots.txt and How Does Implementing Robots.txt Affect SEO?

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What Is Robots.txt and How Does Implementing Robots.txt Affect SEO?

What Is Robots.txt and How Does Implementing Robots.txt Affect SEO?

Hey reader! The experts at our SEO Company Dubai have gathered some useful information on robots.txt. We will go into detail about the robots.txt text file and how it can be used to coach the search engine web crawlers in this guide blog. This file is particularly useful for handling the crawl budget and ensuring that search engines effectively invest their time on your website and crawl only the important pages.

What Is robots.txt— SEO UAE

There are directives for search engines in the robots.txt format. You can use it to discourage search engines from crawling specific parts of your website and to provide helpful tips to search engines about how your website can best be crawled. In SEO, the robots.txt file plays a significant role.

Implementing robots.txt for Search Engine Optimization in Dubai

As per our SEO Company Dubai experts, keep the following best practices in mind when implementing robots.txt:

  • When making modifications to your robots.txt, be careful: this file has the ability to make large parts of your website unavailable to search engines.
  • The robots.txt file (e.g. http://www.example.com/robots.txt) should reside at the root of your website.
  • The file robots.txt is only valid for the complete domain in which it resides, including the protocol (http or https).
  • Similar search engines differently interpret directives. The first matching directive always wins by default. But, accuracy wins with Google and Bing.
  • Avoid, as far as possible, using the crawl-delay directive for search engines.

When Does an SEO Company Dubai Need A Robots.Txt File?

Our experts at SEO Company Dubai credit that it is not crucial for a lot of websites, particularly small ones, to have a robots.txt file. Having said that, there is no valid excuse for not having one. It gives you more power about where search engines on your website can and cannot go, and it can help with items such as:

  • Stopping duplicate content crawling
  • Holding parts (e.g. the staging site) of a website private
  • Preventing the crawling of pages with internal search results
  • Avoidance of server overload
  • Preventing the waste of "crawl budget" by Google
  • Preventing the inclusion of photos, videos, and resource files in Google search results

Our SEO Company Dubai experts believe that while Google usually does not index web pages that are blocked by robots.txt, using the robots.txt file, there is no way to guarantee exclusion from search results. If content from other sites on the web is connected to it, Google search results can still appear.

Pass Link Equity to The Right Pages: SEO Companies in UAE

Equity from internal linking is a specific method to improve your SEO. In the eyes of Google, your best-performing pages will bump up the reputation of your bad and average pages. Robots.txt files, however, advise bots to take a walk once they have hit a directive page. Our SEO Company Dubai experts believe that if they obey your command, they do not follow the linked paths or attribute the ranking power of these pages.

Your link juice is high, and when you use robots.txt correctly, instead of those that should stay in the background, the link equity passes to the pages you really want to lift. For pages that do not require equity from their on-page connections, use only robots.txt files.  

What does the Best SEO Company in Dubai Suggest?

As an SEO Company Dubai, you're not necessarily improving your own SEO by setting up your robots.txt file the correct way. You are helping the guests out, too. If search engine bots are able to wisely invest their crawl budgets, they can better organize and view your content in the SERPs, meaning you will be more noticeable.

Setting up the robots.txt file also does not take a lot of time. It's just a one-time setup, and when needed, you can make little adjustments. Using robots.txt will make a big difference, whether you are beginning your first or fifth website. If you have not done it before, the experts at our SEO services in Dubai suggest giving it a spin.

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