Why Your Business Needs an App?

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Why Your Business Needs an App?

Why Your Business Needs an App?

With the current market dynamics, an effective mobile strategy necessitates more than just a user-friendly website. According to recent stats, approximately 258 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2021. 
Beyond the growing market, this shows customers’ acceptance of mobile apps as a way to access products and services. So, more and more businesses are now adopting new trends in mobile application development.  

Today, the majority of businesses you work with on a daily basis have their own mobile applications, whether it's a downtown spa or a small bakery. 
This detailed blog aims to persuade businesses of all sizes to get help from a professional mobile app development company in Dubai to create an app that will make a difference.  

So, let’s get started!

Do I Need a Mobile App for My Business?

According to the most recent studies, there are currently more than 5 billion mobile phone users worldwide. 
Over the previous 12 months, there were 91 million more mobile users globally. Currently, the number of unique mobile users is increasing at a rate of 1.7% annually.

These statistics illustrate a novel approach to reaching out to potential clients that was unimaginable ten years ago.
Adults in the UAE alone use mobile and smart devices to access the internet at a rate of 75%. Only 40% of users accessed the internet via a "conventional" desktop or laptop computer.  

As more and more people are shifting towards smartphones rather than PCs, the market for mobile apps is expanding exponentially.
Developing a mobile app for your company can provide worthwhile marketing opportunities, assist you in reaching your target market, and many other benefits that will help you stand out from the competition.

Reasons To Partner with A Mobile App Development Company in Dubai

In case you're still unsure, here are some reasons why developing your own mobile application is a good idea today rather than tomorrow. 

- Easy promotion of your products (or services)

Businesses with mobile apps are perceived more favorably than those lacking a mobile app. Your company will stand out thanks to a mobile app, and regular updates encourage customers to buy your products. 
Additionally, you can avoid spending money and time on ineffective marketing strategies like newspaper and billboard ads.

woman using mobile for shopping
Nowadays, there are many online app development tools available. For example, Flutter and Android Studio are the most essential tools for app developers. 
According to Clutch, most android and apple developers in the UAE use flutter, an open-source UI software development kit by Google.  

Read more: The future of android mobile apps.

- Winning the market competition

Being the first company to entice clients through technological innovation is essential for a business to remain competitive in today's industry.
Start developing mobile apps for your organization by teaming up with a mobile app development company in Dubai.  

By doing this, you will improve your position and surpass your rivals. Utilizing this as a tool for marketing and sales will help you. 
Additionally, it will promote the brand and broaden consumer awareness of it.

- Added value for your clients

In keeping with the topic of current knowledge, why not make your existing loyalty program digital? 
Allow your consumers to redeem rewards using a mobile app rather than the outdated point-collection card. The outcome? Increased downloads and consumer loyalty.

-Establish a beneficial marketing channel

mobile app icons
Additionally, instantaneous notification and information delivery to clients is made possible via custom app creation.
It can help you create devoted clients who value using the app if this information is pertinent and beneficial to them, such as information about special discounts and offers.

- Obtain consumer insights

It is a passive task to learn about client habits, create customer personas, and ask for feedback. It is thought of as a burdensome, time-consuming, and tiresome task for the customers to complete. 
Therefore, either it is avoided, or the organization must make conscious efforts to complete it. This feedback is regularly compiled for mobile apps.  

You may gather information about the customer's search habits, their unique needs, and feedback from a single source.
Mobile apps may give you predictive insights on a general level of where the market is going when paired with machine learning.  

Based on the client's search habits, it can make recommendations to them personally. Mobile application is a powerful tool to gather end-user behaviors and new trends.

- Boost brand awareness

mobile application development team
Your company's brand exposure can be considerably increased through a mobile app. Let’s divide this sub-topic into two parts, which, when combined will make your app a real victor:

Brand: Similar to a bare billboard sign, a mobile app is. You can do whatever you want with it; you may make it fashionable, on-trend, practical, audacious, or educational. 
However, what you actually want to accomplish is develop an app that has functionality that your users will adore and is also elegantly branded.

Awareness: Customers will be more motivated to purchase your goods and/or service sooner if you can engage them with your app on a regular basis. 
This is referred to as the "effective frequency" in advertising; as a general guideline, hearing and/or seeing your brand 20 times will get you recognized.

- Enabling your clients to provide feedback

Your clients could have feedback on your goods in the form of reviews, recommendations, or even complaints. Keep in mind that ethical firms never terminate buyer-seller ties right away. 
A client must be given a voice for a company to function effectively. Your clients can do precisely that, thanks to mobile apps.

- In the end, it’s all about improving Sales!

You must be well aware that a business's growth is directly correlated with its sales.
Research indicates that businesses with apps get better client returns and revenues. McDonald's confirmed that after the launch of their mobile app, they observed 20 percent increase in sales in just three months.

In essence, the happier customers you have with your products and services, the more they will engage with your brand and promote it—increasing brand visibility, boosting customer engagement, and maximizing profitability.

- Trends in new technology

A company's technology evolutions don't happen overnight. These are the ultimate consequence of small measures that the company takes to adopt new interfaces and offer better services. 
Building a mobile application is a transitional step towards adopting innovative procedures, methods, and viewpoints to improve the services offered.  

The Bottom Line

So, reading about the multiple advantages of developing a mobile app for your company, what comes next?
The next stage is to plan your mobile app and choose whether you want to create an iOS or an Android app, as well as what kind of app you want to develop.

To make things easier, contact PLAN A, a reputable mobile app development company in Dubai, for assistance in building a mobile app from the ground up.
Our team of skilled app developers in Dubai can assist you in selecting the finest mobile app development framework, and creating an intuitive mobile UI.  

Conclusively, we don't mean to imply that a gadget application will save your business. But it may also be a great tool for keeping in touch with users and being nearby at all times. 
We hope that after reading all these important reasons to go for mobile app development Dubai, you'll start to see how important a mobile app is for running a successful business and providing excellent customer service.

Let’s create a mobile app that meets your target audience's needs and positively impacts your business!

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