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Case Study

DMI and 17 Sub-brands audits

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Dubai Media Inc. is an Integrated, Smart, Innovative, Sustainable Media Company that provides diverse media services to enhance the image of Dubai & UAE and participate in shaping the future through TV, Radio, Newspapers, and VOD channels. Plan A team worked with DMI's brand owners to conduct online research, including auditing the brands' websites, mobile apps, social media channels, digital marketing efforts, on-site branding, and similar companies' analyses.

We analyzed the collected data and created detailed presentations for each brand, outlining their current status across various auditing points, from brand identity and content to online and offline presence. Then, recommendations and strategies outlined in a report will be provided to enhance brand recognition, customer perception, and overall market competitiveness for each brand.


• The availability of each brand owner to conduct a workshop with them and understand the current state and future vision to deliver an accurate assessment for each brand

• Find the proper scientific method that allows for a thorough examination of the core nature of each brand and its performance across multiple touchpoints, considering both the tangible and intangible aspects that contribute to brand value.

• Evaluate each brand’s strength, brand identity, and digital presence, ensuring brand use consistency to offer holistic insights into brand performance.


• Creating a comprehensive brand audit based on the entropy that explores the branding touchpoints of DMI and its sub-brands online and offline including:

• Audit the visual and non-visual identity of DMI and its sub-brand, across all channels – that is, print, tv, radio, websites, mobile application, and social media.

• Review the current brand architecture, the relationships that exist among the brands, as well as the relationships that exist between the brands and both their internal and external stakeholders (e.g., audiences, partners, employees, etc.) to uncover existing and new/potential opportunities and challenges.

• Formulated a detailed list of brand touchpoints tailored to DMI's brand categories and the targeted market. Each touchpoint is crucial in gauging a brand's overall strength and presence within its respective category.


• Evaluated each brand’s strength, brand identity, and digital presence, ensuring brand use consistency to offer holistic insights into brand performance.

• Compiled a comprehensive archive includes the brand guidelines, branding elements, and active online links for each brand.

• Evaluate the perceptions and associations of both internal and external stakeholders in relation to all aspects of DMI and its sub-brands.

  • Client Dubai Media Inc.
  • SectorMedia
  • LocationDubai, UAE
  • AudienceB2B
  • Expertise Market Research , Competitor Analysis , Brand Audit , Technical Audit , Audience Analysis

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