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Android App Development Dubai

As the best android app development company in Dubai, we know how to develop applications of any category that are versatile, user friendly, powerful and scalable on Android. Our full-stack Android developers are qualified in native programming languages such as Java and Cotlen. It has given us the opportunity to create apps for various industries, from basic to complex functionalities. We aren't just developing apps; we offer excellence with every application.

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Our experts master every angle of Android platform. We have experience working with every kind, brand, and custom ecosystem of Android devices. Our development services for Android devices will give you a quality product that will cater to users on the platform.

Plan A has a wealth of experience incorporating technology, functionalities, and integrations unique to Android. Our Android technology experts can help you leverage Google Cloud innovations, incorporate Google Pay and in-app purchases, integrate Google Assistant.

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•      Vetted Android Developers: We have an experienced team of developers that specialises in Android creation and is approved for your project.

•      End-to-end service: consultancy, product design, UX/UI development, testing and technological delivery are all part of our Android development services.

•      All In-House Code: All our Android development services are performed in-house at our office in Dubai. There is not a single outsourced line of code.

•      Agile Process: Our Android development process leverages an agile, tailored system that minimises risk, maximises speed and encourages transparency.

Android And iOS App Development Companies in Dubai

Our experienced team of Android app developers has the requisite Android app development experience and skills to ensure high-performance and excellence. Taking benefit of the Android platform's full potential, we work with our powerful and highly scalable android mobile apps to give our clienteles infinite opportunities.

Our technically sound Android app developers team has the best skills set and proven track record of delivering innovative Android app development solutions to help you move ahead of the competition.

Android App Development Dubai

Mobile Apps Design & Development Technologies

We possess a wealth of expertise in the realm of highly innovative and state-of-the-art digital technology, which has been meticulously crafted and tailored specifically to align seamlessly with your unique business vision and objectives

Services Offered by Mobile App Company in Dubai

We deliver customized solutions designed to suit your business needs. We have a straightforward and concise approach to creating a distinct identity that will separate you from your competition.

IOS App Development Services

We offer custom iPhone/IOS app development services Dubai and know how to create high-performance, feature-packed applications for enjoyable user experience. Our team of technologically competent iOS developers code in native languages such as Swift programming language and use React Native to create cross-platform native applications. If you intend to develop a mobile app for your customers and users, Plan A will surpass your standards.

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Cross Platform Mobile Development Services

Businesses prefer the concept of creating one version of a mobile app through a single workflow given the exponential growth in cross-platform development and the need for fast market time. At Plan A, we create cloud-connected mobile cross-platform applications for iOS and Android that help expand audience penetration across multiple platforms. Our mobile cross-platform apps are based on the most popular frameworks. If you are looking for excellence in cross-platform growth, then our cross-platform mobile development Dubai services have a competitive edge in delivering custom mobile apps/games.

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Virtual Reality Development Services

Virtual reality is one of the best tech advances in recent years and is now seeing widespread acceptance across various industries. Plan A offers personalized VR software solutions for a variety of apps/games in the entertainment, healthcare, real estate, education and technology as one of the best virtual reality software development companies in UAE. Being a highly regarded company for the development of virtual reality games, we provide full design and VR device development services for interactive games on different platforms.

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Augmented Reality Company in Dubai

Our mobile app development company in Dubai offers augmented reality solutions that detect and track nearly any object. Surprise your retail customers in their customer journeys with our augmented reality app development services. As one of the leading AR mobile app development companies, Plan A leverages substantial years of experience in the new trend. Following the technology drive to lead the AR race, we are helping our customers make good use of this exciting technology. Our expertise can be influential in industries that already reap AR benefits such as jewelry, retailing, furniture, etc.

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Mobile Game Development Services

We develop entertainment and educational mobile games that top charts and achieve the highest engagement rate. We have been creating mobile games using revolutionary mobile game app development technologies to create games for iPhone, iPad, Android and Facebook. We have an innovative team of developers and designers of mobile games working on memorable user interfaces, fun-oriented gameplay interface and competitive leaderboards and award systems. To design creativity, our mobile game development company in Dubai uses state-of-the-art game development software and groundbreaking technologies with multilingual support especially in Arabic and English.

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