About Us


Companies around the world seek to become the best at what they do and be the 1# preference to their clients and potential customers.

PLAN A Agency came to life as a living example of what a marketing agency should be and do to help their clients achieve their desired goals and exceed them in the long run. This is the core of our mission, and vision to be at the very top of our game… and stay there!

PLAN A Agency is a full-service marketing agency in Dubai offering top-notch creative marketing solutions in many areas that includes but not limited to Branding, Digital Marketing, Web Design and Development, and Mobile Applications in Dubai. From the day we started till now, we had a great pleasure of working with extraordinary clients representing a wide range of businesses, from startups to market leaders, in Dubai, the MENA region and beyond.

Our team consists of a group of young, talented, experienced, passionate, results-driven, and tech-savvy individuals who strive everyday to do their best and make a real impact… Worldwide!

About Us


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Our Mission

To provide innovative and effective marketing solutions that can contribute to the overall success of our clients and partners.

Our Vision

Become a living example of what a marketing agency should be and do to help their clients achieve their desired goals and exceed them on the long run.

Our Values

We’re committed to the highest professional standards, acting with the utmost integrity, applying confidentiality and honesty to all clients. Collaborating to achieve the best results and believing in our ability to make anything possible.

Strategic Partners

Digital Orks

Digital Orks is a digital marketing agency that sets itself apart from your everyday, run of the mill marketing agencies. We do this by making sweet, sweet music with your online presence. You see, Digital Orks is a portmanteau (which is just a fancy word to describe two words that came together) of digital and orchestra. We want to help your company grow digitally, by orchestrating a digital marketing strategy in such a way that it generates leads and ultimately turns into revenue.

Overlight Productions

Overlight is a highly dynamic creative bunch who specializes in delivering 360 production services. At Overlight, we pride ourselves on the fact that we leave nothing to chance when working with you. Everything is clear and calculated, just like the gracefulness of an overlight. We don't believe is philosophizing "good work" so what others might position to you as a “luxury” in the level of work, we offer as part of our default project plan.