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Benefits of Migrating Your Business To Cloud Hosting in 2021

Benefits of Migrating Your Business To Cloud Hosting in 2021

As more companies move to remote networks, a cloud-powered future is taking shape. In the year 2021, the top priority of a professional digital marketing agency Dubai tends to be managing cloud migration. It is expected to remain a top priority in the coming years as well. The cloud, when properly implemented, can be more reliable than conventional network systems.  

What Is Cloud Migration?

Before we get into the benefits of cloud migration and the role of digital marketing agency Dubai, let's first define what cloud migration is. These days, everybody uses cloud services. You've probably worked with the cloud if you've used SharePoint, Office 365, Zoom, Google Drive, or Gmail.  

Moving essential services to the cloud means moving them from on-premise and co-located hardware to cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Network, Microsoft Azure, and others. These services allow you to control your IT infrastructure entirely from a distance, removing the security risk, inconvenience, and expense of maintaining on-premise hardware.

Why Digital Marketing Agency Dubai Emphasizes on Moving to Cloud Hosting

Here are some of the benefits of migrating your business to cloud hosting as stated by the experts at our digital marketing agency Dubai.

More Secure

The cloud is made up of frameworks, networks, and applications that must be safely configured and managed using the "shared responsibility" model. You are responsible for your role in cloud protection under the "shared responsibility" model.
Companies like Amazon have developed their cloud offering from the ground up with protection as their top priority as part of their "shared responsibility." This means that, unlike other networks, Amazon's cloud service was created with privacy and protection in mind. According to recent studies, nearly 94 percent of SMBs trust the improved protection that the cloud offers. Furthermore, since the data is stored in the Cloud, it can be retrieved regardless of what happens to your physical equipment.

The experts at our digital marketing agency Dubai believe that the cloud has much stronger protection than conventional data centers because it stores the business information and data centrally. Many built-in security features, such as security analytics, periodic updates, and cross-enterprise visibility, are available from the majority of common cloud providers.  

Reduction in Cost

You won't have to spend a lot of money on server hardware, maintain it, or pay a lot of money on energy. Furthermore, you save money on operating costs because the DevOps experts and system managers don't have to think about backups and hardware maintenance. Pay-as-you-go pricing is available from cloud providers, which means you only pay for the processing resources you use.

For example, Emirates migrated from on-premises to cloud computing in 2020. They looked for ways to cut hardware maintenance costs and react to COVID-19 traffic spikes and drops. After completely dismantling its obsolete hardware, the company plans to save $1 million a year.

More Accessibility

Since all of your data is stored in the cloud, you can access it regardless of what happens to your physical equipment. Migrating to the cloud also ensures that members of your team can access critical data and business information from any computer, anywhere in the world. This gives the digital marketing companies in Dubai a lot of room to develop and evolve while also meeting operational needs. No more missed work due to snow days; the team will work productively and safely from anywhere at any time.  
Many cloud providers may also track mission-critical applications and devices. Being alerted when there is an outage or a possible issue with an app will drastically reduce the time it takes to restore services and fix problems. As opposed to the conventional method of keeping track of the state of your services on your own, this will save the Dubai digital agency and other businesses time and money.

According to the specialists at our digital marketing agency Dubai, backup and logging services are also critical, particularly if you need to conduct disaster recovery after an outage and figure out what went wrong. The backups will help you to get things back up and running, and the logs may contain vital details that will assist you in determining what caused the problem in the first place.

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