Must Have Branding Stationery List for Small Businesses

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Must Have Branding Stationery List for Small Businesses

Must Have Branding Stationery List for Small Businesses

It’s a miss conception that running a small business is quite easy. All you need to do is create a good or service that people want and market it for a price that both parties can agree upon. Oh, and make sure to get the printing for all of your business stationery.

However, it's not that simple! It's not as simple to choose the corporate stationery that your company needs as some individuals would have you believe.  

So, for your convenience, this blog entails a comprehensive branding stationery list needed for small businesses.

What Function Does Business Stationery Serve?

business stationery

We understand that starting your own business is thrilling and that you might be tempted to buy anything that bears your logo. However, it's crucial to think about the function of your company stationery before making a snap pick.

Some people purchase business stationery in an effort to stock their workspace or retail location with branded goods. This is a fantastic approach to differentiate your workplace and give your staff a sense of ownership.

Others will spend money on branded stationery to hand out to clients or guests (during a conference). This ensures that your brand is remembered long after people have met you, provided they use the presents you gave them! It also helps to elicit the law of reciprocity (wanting to repay favors and gifts).

Business stationery can occasionally be entirely functional. In that situation, it would be best to forego spending more to have the things branded up as doing so will only end up costing you money.

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Essential Branding Stationery List Items

With regard to brand image, corporate or branded stationery gives you a chance to present your best self. Building your brand identity requires careful consideration of your logo design, company name typeface, and color scheme.

When recipients open your mails, photographs of your company are visible right away. Your brand's images should be distinctive, recognizable, and printed on high-quality paper for these reasons. Your letterheads, business cards, notepads, business proposals, and any other papers should have the same typefaces and colors.

Here are some of the most typical categories for necessary business stationery. Of course, needs may differ from business to business.

Business Cards

business cards

As a business owner, you will immediately require business cards to communicate with other industry experts.  

Young businesses must lobby and network, and without business cards, it can be uncomfortable and cumbersome to give out contact information and have people get in touch with you.

Letterheads and Envelopes

Your company conveys professionalism in its correspondence by using letterheads with your brand name and logo on them. Letterheads and envelopes with elegant branding are nevertheless considered to be formal.

Your company's identity and logo are shown on a letterhead. It provides the receiver with your company's contact details.  

Additionally, your company's contact information and website address are included on the letterhead so that customers may get in touch with you. By adding an envelope with a simple logo motif to the mix, you can also create an eye-catching promotional item.


branded calendar 

This is a useful and practical addition. The calendar's layout is not particularly significant. For a table, it can be horizontal, and for a wall, it can be vertical. It could be glossy or cardboard.  

People frequently see and use calendars. Even though we have them on our laptops and smartphones, it is still quicker to look away from the screen to see what day of the week it is than to open an app. A calendar is also a great option for business gifts. It will be exhibited all year long rather than being discarded like a card or a pamphlet.


Sending out newsletters is a fun way to update your staff, clients, and any other interested parties on what your business has been up to. A newsletter might be released quarterly, semiannually, or yearly.  

In either case, the goal is to inform individuals about all your commercial endeavors. Writing a newsletter is a wonderful approach to monitoring your business's development, identifying what you've been doing well, and examining areas where you may improve.



The gift of notepads has never lost its appeal for clients and customers. They are not only practical but also cost-effective. The receiver will be reminded of you each time they use their notepad.  

A practical present, like a notepad with your company name and logo on it, can be a marketing tool that can help you advertise your business for a long time. Notepads can be made to your specifications, and on the interior pages, you can place adverts for additional services or goods offered by your business.


Making wholesaler or supplier invoices branded will make it simpler for others to recognize your business. Remember that there may not be much room on invoices for your company's information. As a result, you must modify your logo while still adhering to the current corporate identity.

Additional Branding Stationery Items

At PLAN A Agency, we design a huge selection of branded stationery items  for our clients that enhance the visual identity of their businesses. A basic list of some of the typical corporate stationery items we offer is provided below.


branded pen  

Even though we live in a touchscreen society, a pen will always be helpful in someone's hands if they need it. You require a pen for all business activities, including routine bookkeeping. If you own a restaurant, for instance, your staff may also use pens to jot down orders or to take notes.

Memory Sticks

A portable USB storage device is practical, cool, and convenient. Buying and branding a quantity of memory sticks will undoubtedly cost more than buying pencils. Additionally, they will add extra value.

Offline Banners

In general, banners are a startup's most important piece of stationery if it depends on genuine foot traffic inside a physical structure.

Mostly because they offer a great technique to grab attention during a promotion or sale, a well-executed banner campaign could make the difference between a profitable transaction and a large loss.

Eco friendly Bag

eco friendly bag 

You can effectively use an ordinary eco-friendly bag with your brand on it during numerous business events, exhibits, and conferences. Simply place all of your promotional materials, such as A4 and A5 flyers and other branded things like notebooks and memory sticks, inside the bag to be distributed to event attendees.


What is stationery design in branding?

In order to include certain things into a brand's image, bespoke graphic art is applied to them as part of stationery design. This artwork typically consists of letterhead design, business card design, flyers/brochures, pens/pencils, etc.

Which items include stationery?

Stationery includes a huge variety of items such as:

  • Sticky Tapes.

  • Staplers.

  • Punching Machine.

  • Scissors.

  • Desk Tidy.

  • Pen Cups.

  • Note Holders.

  • Paper Clip.

Do I need to use the same design for all of my branding stationery?

Yes, your stationery's design should accurately reflect your company's image. Consider employing visuals and colors that are already prevalent in all of your business tactics rather than creating whole new ones. As a result, your brand will be instantly recognizable through the design.

How can I ensure that my branding stationery is environmentally friendly?

To make sure that your branding stationery is eco-friendly, 

  • Verify the paper's sourcing is sustainable.

  • Wherever possible, replace pens with pencils.

  • Reuse and recycle packaging and cartons.

At PLAN A Agency, our branding experts in Dubai ensure that all of the print material is sustainable and eco-friendly.  

Can a branding agency help me design my stationery?

Yes. Stationery design by a branding agency in Dubai can help you stand out from the competition by capturing the distinctive characteristics of what you are trying to say about your business. Your brand can become more memorable by using design. People can recall your logo or another element of your branding even if they cannot recall the name.

The Bottom Line

One of the easiest methods to keep yourself in the public eye and to remind people about you is using branded stationery. So, having a complete branding stationery list is essential for small businesses. These are not simply adorable trinkets; millions of people use them every day as essential tools.  

You must carefully consider how to build corporate style if you are serious about making your brand distinctive and well-liked. For that, our branding experts in Dubai are here to help you. Get a free consultation with us today.

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