Essential Social Media Platforms for Business Marketing – Part 1

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Essential Social Media Platforms for Business Marketing – Part 1

Essential Social Media Platforms for Business Marketing – Part 1

Social media marketing is one of the most efficient and effective ways to connect with customers and promote your business. 
As a result, companies need a strong social media presence in today's digital world. 
There are several social media platforms, and knowing which ones are right for your business can be challenging.  

That's why we've put together a list of essential social media sites for business marketing and some tips on how to use them effectively. 
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Which Social Media Platforms are the Most Beneficial for Businesses?  

Social media is an excellent way for businesses to connect with customers and create more personal relationships. But with all the different social media platforms, it can be hard to know which ones are the best for businesses.  

Here are the Social Media Platforms that are the Most Beneficial for Businesses:

  1. Facebook: With over 2 billion active users, Facebook is the perfect platform for businesses to connect with a large audience.
  2. Twitter: Is an excellent platform for businesses to share news and updates and engage with customers more informally.

  3. Instagram: A visual platform businesses can use to share photos and videos. This is a great way to show off your product or service more creatively.
  4. LinkedIn: Is a great platform for businesses to connect with other professionals. It enables you to establish credibility, build a meaningful network, and gain insider knowledge from established industry experts.

  5. TikTok: It reflects a key social media trend for young audiences' creative skills and collaboration. In addition, its fast-paced nature keeps users engaged for relatively long periods, spending an average of 52 minutes per day on the app.

  6. Snapchat: Is a social media platform that allows for quickly and temporarily sharing photos and videos. It allows them to connect with their audience while out and about. It's beneficial for localized campaigns and telling engaging interactive stories.               

Top Benefits of Facebook for Business

Facebook for Business

Facebook for business is one of the most powerful social media marketing tools. It allows you to connect with your customers, attract new ones and grow your business.
Facebook for business has become an essential tool for all types of businesses. Whether you're looking to boost engagement and drive traffic or want to connect with your audience in a meaningful way, Facebook can help you achieve these goals.

Here are some of the benefits of using Facebook for Business:

1. Reach BILLIONS of potential customers

As stated earlier, the number of people who use Facebook daily is over 2 billion! That's a lot of potential customers right there! And if you want to reach them all, this is your platform. You can target specific demographics and interests through Facebook Ads, which are easily found through search and targeted based on what they're interested in.

2. Turn fans into an email list

Your fans may not know it yet, but they're an asset if used correctly! They'll keep coming back as long as they feel they're getting value from your brand every time they visit your page. When they get emails from you regularly mentioning what's going on at your company or sharing updates about new products.

3. Lower your marketing expenses  

The average business spends $2,500 per month on Facebook ads — so the cost savings from using this platform are significant. However, you don't need a huge budget to get started on Facebook; even a few hundred dollars per month will go a long way toward helping you reach new customers and promote your products or services.

4. Target specific audiences

You can target specific demographics or interests through custom audiences on Instagram and Facebook ads (Facebook offers more advanced targeting options than Instagram). For example, suppose you're selling travel products. In that case, you might want to target people who frequent tropical destinations or live near waterfalls — both of which could be potential buyers of your product offerings!

How to Use Twitter for Business?

Twitter splash screen

The use of Twitter for business is skyrocketing in popularity. Every month, over 300 million people use Twitter.
Using Twitter to promote your company is no longer an option; it has become the new standard.
Here there are different ways to use Twitter to boost your business, traffic, and sales.

1. Add Twitter cards to your website.

Twitter cards are an AMAZING way to make your tweets stand out.
Twitter cards appear in feeds. They display visual content from a link rather than just text.
It's a big mistake not to use Twitter cards on your website!
Because more visual content leads to more engagement, 68.7% of marketers believe it is necessary.
It is simple to enable cards on your website. All you need to do is incorporate some code into your website.

2. Increase your Twitter following

Increasing your engaged, well-targeted Twitter following can help your business soar!
There are numerous excellent methods for increasing the number of Twitter followers.
One of the most effective methods is to become more active on Twitter.
Follow other users who are posting similar content and interact with them regularly.
Being more active on Twitter can consume a significant amount of time, so we recommend the following:

  • Make your tweets more automated.
  • Create and stick to a posting schedule.
  • Set aside time to respond daily to other people's tweets rather than scrolling aimlessly.

As your following grows, so will your engagement and click-throughs to your website.

3. Use the appropriate hashtags

Now is the time to start if you're not already using hashtags. They're great for getting more people to see your tweets.
Brands that use hashtags consistently receive 50% more engagement!
But you can't just use any hashtag and expect to get results. So be strategic and limit your hashtags to one or two per tweet.
Any more than that, and your engagement may begin to dwindle.

How to use LinkedIn for Business Marketing?

LinkedIn screens

You can connect your brand to over 660 million professionals worldwide.
Here are LinkedIn tips to help you generate leads, raise brand awareness, and form strategic partnerships.

1. Improve your LinkedIn profile

First impression matters, and your profile is an excellent opportunity to make one.
One of the most effective ways to increase your contact rate is to keep your profile up to date. Your audience is interacting with more than just your brand. People do business with other people, so their profiles are important.
Aim for near-completeness and optimize your profile regularly.
Add new skills, accomplishments, and examples of your most recent work.
Describe your personality. Authenticity, like experience, is essential.

2. Establish an effective LinkedIn page

Your page should provide ample opportunities for prospective customers to learn more about your brand and the people who work there and engage with relevant content.
Everyone can create pages for free; get help from our experts to know more.

3. Determine your target audience and objectives

Targeting plays a crucial role in both lead generation and awareness-building.
For example, your goal is to raise brand awareness among LinkedIn users with job titles like "social media manager" or "social media lead" if your Business sells a productivity tool for social media.
Better lead generation is a result of better audiences.

4. Optimize your page for search

A properly optimized company page can increase your visibility among users looking for your business's services.

  • Add keywords. Include keywords and phrases potential customers may use to find your product or service. Include them in the About tab overview, clarifying who you are and what you do.
  • Add a link to your Page. Links are critical for increasing your search ranking. An easy win is to include a link to your Page on your website. Also, ensure that employees' LinkedIn profiles are up to date.
  • Distribute relevant content. Share frequently. The more regularly you share engaging content with your followers, the higher your page will appear in search results.

5. Increase your page's followers

Your updates appear directly in the LinkedIn feed of a follower.
A large following will provide you with a relevant audience with each update. You can do a few key things right now to begin growing your followers;

  • On your website or blog, include a "follow" button.
  • Invite your LinkedIn page connections to follow you.  
  • Inform your employees about your most essential page posts to increase organic reach.
  • Use emails, newsletters, and blog posts to promote your company page.

6. Create engaging content for your company page.

Post content that your target audience will be interested in reading.
While selling your audience on the advantages of your product or service may be tempting, "salesy" content rarely performs well on LinkedIn.
A fresh idea is something that LinkedIn members find appealing. One of the most effective ways to grow your audience is to publish thought leadership content on your Company Page.
Naturally, you'll want to publish and promote your content, but sharing engaging and insightful content from others is also a good idea.

The Bottom Line

This blog discussed the advantages and methods of social media platforms to improve business. In another blog, we will cover the remaining social media platforms and how to use them.  

By now, you should know what to look for when choosing the best social media platform for your business. And before selecting the platforms, you should understand your target audience and goals. However, defining the target audience needs experts in the field.  

The best social media advertising agency in Dubai will improve your brand and reach new clients. Let our company help you; contact us today for a free consultation.

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