AI Tools in Marketing You Should Start Using Today

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AI Tools in Marketing You Should Start Using Today

AI Tools in Marketing You Should Start Using Today

In today’s age of technology, brands must constantly be alert. They only have a tiny window of time to attract new clients and keep old ones. A customer will (presumably) move to a rival brand after one setback or incident. Because of this, marketers are under a lot of pressure to set their brand apart from all the others.
Fortunately, technology is your knight in shining armor here! AI in digital marketing, which is becoming increasingly common, enables marketers to anticipate and examine consumers' next purchasing decisions. By enhancing the customer experience, this technology increases conversions.

AI marketing can help marketers in a variety of ways, including: 

  • Enabling competitive, dynamic pricing of products, including sales and promotion strategies. 
  • Improving customer satisfaction and the overall customer experience. 
  • Analyzing social media influencer messaging and effectiveness with previous brand partnerships.
  • Creating marketing strategies and customizing a brand's marketing messaging (such as email and content marketing). You can even print with AI these days.

What Are Some Examples of AI In Digital Marketing Today? 

AI technology has the ability to help you engage with your audience on a deeper level than ever before, leading to continued business growth if used tactfully and effectively.
Here, we explore a few very diverse but equally intriguing examples of AI in digital marketing to put that idea into perspective.

Starbucks Provides Personalized Recommendations Using Predictive Analytics

According to the research conducted by our digital marketing agency in Dubai, businesses that use predictive analytics to detect client needs can boost organic revenue by 20% year over year, as opposed to an average of 12% without them.
One example of a company using its mobile app and loyalty card to gather and analyze client data is Starbucks. Their plans for personalization were first revealed in 2016.

Alibaba Establishes a FashionAI Shop

Alibaba, a major retailer, created a real "FashionAI" store in Hong Kong to improve the efficiency of the fashion retail process. 
Alibaba outfitted its stores with smart mirrors that show apparel information and recommend matching items, as well as clever garment tags that recognize when an item is handled. 
Alibaba also has plans to include a virtual wardrobe app in their physical store, allowing consumers to view the clothes they tried on there.

Netflix and AI

Netflix uses AI-driven machine learning technology to give tailored content recommendations based on a user's preferences in addition to what they have previously enjoyed in order to improve its overall UX and customize its service to the individual user. 
Additionally, to automatically improve streaming quality and prevent any quality or buffering concerns, Netflix uses AI development.
In a time when consumers want more value than ever from the brands they're prepared to invest in, the fact that over 80% of the shows people watch on Netflix are now based on its customized recommendations platform is a testament to its strength.

Ben & Jerry's Receives Assistance from Unilever in Spotting The "Ice Cream for Breakfast" Trend

Ben & Jerry's
Unilever, a consumer goods corporation, employs AI data centers located all over the world to combine insights from many sources, such as social listening, CRM, and conventional marketing research. 
Through the use of this technology, Unilever identified a connection between ice cream and breakfast: at least 50 songs in the public domain contain lyrics that mention eating "ice cream for breakfast," and establishments like Dunkin' Donuts already serve ice cream in the morning.

How To Use AI In Digital Marketing?

Businesses may utilize AI to enhance their digital marketing in two different ways:

  • One is when marketers utilize AI to estimate client demand, create customer profiles, carry out programmatic ad buying, and other backend tasks. 
  • The other is the customer-facing aspect, in which marketers employ AI to enhance the customer experience, strengthening the brand and increasing sales. In fact, 75% of businesses that use AI and machine learning claim that it increases customer satisfaction by more than 10%.

Similarly, technology is used in AR/VR development services to improve our daily life. It functions without detracting from users by superimposing digital information or content over real-world objects or locales. It already helps human users navigate and in manufacturing applications.

Best AI And Digital Marketing Tools

Here are some best AI marketing tools of all times.  


OpenAI developed ChatGPT, a huge language model chatbot that is based on GPT-3.5. It has a remarkable capacity for conversational interaction and occasionally displays astonishingly human-like responses.
Large language models perform the task of predicting the next word in a string of words.


You can run SEO, content marketing campaigns, social media marketing, PPC, analytics, and more with SEMrush. Its position tracker is one of its best features. 
Businesses can use it to monitor how they compare to rival websites in terms of keyword rankings. Even in Google's organic or paid results, with the help of Google artificial intelligence, you can see how your website compares to the top 100 websites.


One of the best free AI marketing tools for any business is Grammarly. Businesses can ensure that their written content is polished and professional by double checking it on this robust AI content marketing platform.
It has highly precise AI that instantly evaluates internet grammar and spelling. However, you can also add it to Google Chrome as an extension. The premium and business packages offer more robust features like tone, clarity, and style checks.


The Lego of tech stack and process integration is Zapier. It allows you to connect thousands of various systems and create marketing automation, which saves time, increases productivity, and lowers costs. 
To connect operations in one system to automated procedures in one or more other systems, you create customized workflows. Every time, the relevant data is taken from the appropriate source.

Surfer SEO

A worthwhile objective for any content strategy, Surfer SEO is a content optimization tool that aids in the creation of material for ranking on search engines. 
While you are writing, Surfer analyzes and grades your material based on its keyword density, readability, length, header usage, and other factors that help content rise in the search engine results.

Two Major Types of AI Marketing Solutions

It is obvious that artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in assisting marketers in building relationships with consumers. Today's top solutions for AI marketing include the following elements:

Machine Learning

machine learning

Artificial intelligence, which consists of computer algorithms that can evaluate data and automatically enhance digital marketing campaigns via experience, is what powers machine learning. 
AI and machine learning enabled devices examine fresh data in the context of pertinent historical data, which can help digital marketing initiatives by informing them based on what has or hasn't worked in the past.

Big Data and Analytics

As "big data" has risen as a result of the growth of digital media, it has become possible for digital marketers to comprehend their efforts and precisely allocate value across channels. 
As a result, there is now an abundance of data, and many digital marketers are finding it difficult to decide which data sets are worthwhile to collect.  

AI and marketing automation can assist in quickly sifting through all of that data, reducing it to the essentials, and not only analyzing it but also suggesting the most effective components for upcoming digital marketing efforts.

Choosing a Platform for AI

influencer marketing

The primary step in starting an AI marketing program is choosing the appropriate platform or platforms. Marketing professionals need to be astute in spotting the holes that the platform is attempting to fill and wise in choosing solutions based on skills. 
This will depend on the objective that marketers are attempting to fulfill. For instance, speed and productivity objectives would call for different functionality than those for increasing customer happiness with AI in general.
When choosing a tool, keep in mind the level of transparency you'll need to understand why an AI marketing platform made a particular choice.

Depending on the algorithm in use, digital marketing teams may receive a detailed report on why a particular decision was taken and which data influenced the decision, whereas algorithms functioning at a more sophisticated level with deep learning may not be able to provide as a conclusive rationale.

Why Every Marketing Service Provider Must Integrate AI in Their Campaigns?

Using AI in digital marketing is a tried-and-true winning tactic—86% of businesses that used AI improved the customer experience. You can do the same thing by utilizing the technologies. See how far AI can take you and your company by including it in your toolkit for marketing.
Therefore, artificial intelligence can assist you in enhancing your strategy for digital marketing. Instead of replacing marketers and advertisers, AI is coming to help those industries make the most of their existing strategic and creative capabilities.  

Hence, advertisers and marketers must adapt both their own practices and their marketing strategies to the current AI trend.

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