How to promote your business with Instagram reels?

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How to promote your business with Instagram reels?

How to promote your business with Instagram reels?

Social media is becoming increasingly popular as the world goes digital. A billion people can be reached with a few mouse clicks. Wouldn't it be great if your company had the same reach? It's certainly possible.
Instagram is a trendy social media platform. With 500 million daily users, Instagram is where you'll find the majority of your new customers. As a result, with the right marketing strategy, you can increase your sales.
Instagram Reels and Videos are ideal for promoting your brand and broadening its reach. It is trendy and rapidly gaining a sizable audience. In addition, views are highest for entertaining, engaging, and trustworthy reels. When these characteristics are combined, it is clear that Instagram Reels make an excellent marketing tool.
Let's look at how you can use Instagram Reels to promote your business.

What exactly are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels
Instagram Reels are vertical full-screen videos that can last up to 90 seconds. They include a variety of editing tools as well as an extensive library of audio tracks (ranging from popular songs to snippets of other users' viral content). In addition, reels can include multiple video clips, filters, captions, interactive backgrounds, stickers, and more, as well as sounds.
Reels are not the same as Instagram Stories, which vanish after 24 hours. Instead, if you post a Reel, it will remain on Instagram until you delete it.
What's the best part? The Instagram algorithm currently favors reels, which are more likely to be recommended to people who don't follow you than feed posts. 

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Tips for Making Business Instagram Reels

You can edit video clips within the Reel app or use other editing apps to get creative. If you need to plan your reels, you can always use platforms like Later or similar to get your video content planned ahead of time rather than directly in the app. Here are some additional suggestions for using Instagram Reels for business.

1- Include both music and closed captions.

Every time you play music, your Reel is exposed to the tag of that song. It's similar to hashtags but with more potential reach.  Moreover, because many users turn off their sound—yes, even while scrolling through Reels—it's a good idea to include captions so they can interact with the sound turned off.

2- Tag relevant accounts

Tagging other accounts is highly encouraged on Instagram. By sharing your content on someone else's account, you gain more exposure and the chance they will share it with their followers. This tip can also be applied to regular Instagram posts.

3- Include Reels in your feed

You can post your Reel as is through the Reel platform (it will appear in your Reels tab), or you can publish it on your feed. It's generally a good idea to publish to your feed so your current audience can participate. You will also be able to create more content and promote your account.

Tip: If you're using words in your video, try to center them as much as possible. Because the ratios for posts and Reels are different, it will naturally be cut off when you share your Reel to your feed.

4- Recreate old stories and post them into Reels

A significant proportion of the content creation community repurposes older posts and Stories to create 15-30 second Instagram reel videos. So, for example, if you recently traveled for business or have photos from a job you recently completed, you can combine all of those photos into a single video.

5- Share your TikTok videos on Reels

Did you post a TikTok video? That same video can be posted to your Instagram Reels as well! 

6- Give your Reel cover photos titles

Reel Cover Photo with Title
When someone clicks on your Reels tab, make it simple for them to choose which Reel they want to watch. Titling your Reels also gives your Instagram followers an idea of the content you post. Helpful hints? Attractive scenery? What about company culture?

Ideas and Examples of Instagram Reels for Businesses

There are numerous free ways to reach out to potential customers on Instagram, including posts, videos, Stories, IGTV, and now Reels. Here are some examples of how businesses use Instagram Reels to express, educate, and entertain their customers.

1- Record yourself giving advice

Recording a Video Advice
You could give five quick tips, one in-depth tip, or a more extended video preview. Consider the keywords used in blog posts, FAQs for customers and prospects, and other videos that have done well in your social media marketing efforts. You won't believe how much content you'll generate simply by responding to your customers' questions regularly.

2- Share success stories or customer testimonials

Make a video with some of your most loyal customers explaining why they love doing business with you. Reviews, especially video content like Instagram Reels, will always perform well on social media.

3- Create a blooper Reel out your Reel blunders

Who doesn't enjoy funny mistakes? People appreciate being able to identify with the business owner behind the camera. Use humor to express the lighter side of your brand personality while increasing social media engagement.

4- Feature your employees

Bring your employees along for the ride! Each week, highlight an employee who shares what they enjoy about working for your company, what they enjoy about their job or tips from their specialty. People want to feel connected to the people with whom they do business. Furthermore, this is an excellent opportunity to express your company's core values.

5- Make before-and-after Reels.

This will be very simple if you are a service provider. Just remember to take pictures before beginning the project/maintenance/job.

6- Promote another company

You could highlight a nearby small business or one of your clients if you're a B2B company.

7- Send out quick and encouraging messages.

Connecting with your followers is critical, and one quick way to do so is to collect inspirational quotes related to your business. Then, you can either turn the camera on, stand in front of it, and recite these quotes, or close-caption them with a moving background. 

8- Explain the benefits of being on your email list and how they can join.

This is an excellent cross-promotion strategy. Do your subscribers get special offers? What about early access? Have you entered a drawing? Increase the number of email signups with your Reels.

9- Show how to leave a review.

Concentrate on the platform that requires the most assistance (i.e., Google, Yelp). Be creative with this one. Try to appease your followers sparingly, but tell them how much you appreciate their feedback on the service.

10- Run a Reels competition

Create a Reel, then challenge your followers to create a Reel on a chosen topic, using the same audio as your Reel, and posting with a custom hashtag. All of the same best practices apply to Instagram giveaways!

11- Reposting

Have you seen a Reel from another account in your niche that is getting much attention? Share it! 
Just make sure to credit the original poster and use this strategy sparingly.

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