July News - Digital Marketing Recap

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July News - Digital Marketing Recap

July News - Digital Marketing Recap

Making time to learn about new approaches to enhance your digital marketing strategy is crucial to business development. So, enjoy reading about the most recent digital marketing updates of July.

July’s Top Digital Marketing News Updates

These are the stories this month that marketers need to read!

·      Shopify and YouTube Collaborate to Expand the Creator Economy
·      Less Than 15-Minute Instagram Videos Will Now Be Posted as Reels
·      Meta Has Added a New Paid Subscription Option
·      UAE To Develop the First Hospital in The Metaverse
·      More Personalized Timelines: Twitter is Experimenting with Custom Timelines
·      Facebook Introduced a New "Creator Collaborations" Feature to Increase the Visibility of Creators
·      Google Expands Access to Optimization Score for Performance Max Campaigns
·      Google Acknowledges Bug Affecting Analytics & Ads Reporting

Let’s get started!

Shopify and YouTube Collaborate to Expand the Creator Economy

Shopify and YouTube 

With the introduction of YouTube Shopping to Shopify's millions of merchants worldwide, a new partnership allows creators and retailers to mix commerce and community.

·      Shopify retailers can use live streams, videos, and store tabs to offer the complete spectrum of their products through YouTube Shopping.
·      Shopify is a retail operating system that enables vendors and retailers to manage their online store operations from a single location.
·      With over two billion logged-in users per month, this platform is one of the biggest entertainment platforms in the world.

Commerce nowadays is multichannel, and YouTube is one of the most significant channels on the planet.
The possibility for independent brands in the creator economy will fundamentally change as a result of Shopify's new YouTube connection.
They are ecstatic to broaden our ongoing collaboration with Google and push the limits of D2C commerce on YouTube.

For selling their whole collection on YouTube, Shopify merchants have three options:

·      Live streaming: Customers can watch while they check out thanks to picture-in-picture playback on live streams and picture-in-picture playback on videos.  Merchants can tag and pin products at important points during a livestream.
·      Store tab: A new tab will be introduced to a retailer's YouTube account, showcasing the full range of goods available.
·      Videos: Retailers can display an organized selection of products a product shelf below on-demand video.

Hence, Shopify retailers worldwide can now use YouTube Shopping.

Less Than 15-Minute Instagram Videos Will Now Be Posted as Reels

Instagram reels

In a recent announcement, Instagram stated that all new video postings under 15 minutes will be posted as reels. However, the previous videos will not change to reels.
According to Instagram, the modification is a part of its attempts to provide users with a more immersive and full-screen experience.
To establish a single location for all videos on the app, the company is also combining the video and reels sections on users' profiles.

With this modification, anyone can find your reel and utilize your original audio to create their own reel if your account is public. However, in your account settings, you can restrict anyone from remixing your reels.
If your account privacy setting is set to private, only your followers can view your reel.
Along with this modification, Instagram also revealed new tools for users to create and share reels. in

The dominant social media platform is rolling out a brand-new "dual" feature that enables users to simultaneously record information and their response.
You can record concurrently with your phone's front and rear cameras using the dual mode in the Instagram camera to offer a new perspective.

Meta Has Added a New Paid Subscription Option

subscriber chat

Meta is launching brand-new resources for creators to interact with their Instagram followers, including subscriber conversations, reels, and exclusive posts.

Similar to Patreon (a membership platform for content creators), subscribers receive access to unique content and benefits, including "subscription chats," allowing up to 30 individuals to join a private conversation with a creator.
Additionally, creators will have the choice to create reels that will only be available to Instagram subscribers.
This change will offer a lot of intriguing opportunities in terms of influencer marketing and community building potential.

Exclusive Profile Tab
According to Meta, “We're establishing an exclusive area on your profile for all things subscriptions in order to provide immediate value for your subscribers.”
Now that your community can readily find your content as soon as they subscribe, you can create a world of exclusive content—from saving your subscribers' lives to sharing feed articles and reels.

UAE To Develop the First Hospital in The Metaverse

metaverse hospital

The UAE's Thumbay Group has declared that the Metaverse will host the opening of the first hospital in history.
The team will develop immersive remote doctor consultations using augmented reality and virtual reality.
Before selecting a healthcare provider from anywhere in the world, prospective patients can review the facilities.
The president and founder of Thumbay Group, Dr. Thumbay Moideen, stated: “We plan to release it before October this year.

Patients will be able to visit the doctor while wearing an avatar in this fully functional virtual hospital.”
He added, “In order to accommodate medical tourism, we will allow patients who visit the Thumbay healthcare facility to examine how the hospital appears in the metaverse.”
The group also intends to employ face-recognition cameras and virtual reality technology.
Vice-President Akbar Moideen Thumbay claimed that by incorporating artificial intelligence into their hospital's computer system, they would be able to recognize patients from their faces and license plates.

There will be no need to present an ID or insurance card.
When a patient enters the pharmacy, cameras will recognize his/her face and alert the system that the patient has arrived to pick up his medication.

More Personalized Timelines: Twitter is Experimenting with Custom Timelines

twitter UI/UX   

Twitter is testing out developer-curated timelines, starting with one that is exclusively dedicated to The Bachelorette.
The concept is that you may swipe or click on them from your home feed to scroll through the conversation regarding a certain topic.
There is currently no way to switch to a reverse chronological feed; however, content in the custom timelines will be served algorithmically.

Content that appears in a custom timeline is picked and sorted based on relevancy to the timeline's theme utilizing information including search terms, topics, handles, and manual curation.
A similar functionality option is being developed for the web in the shape of the new custom timelines; because on mobile, you can also swipe between lists, making them simple to access as other timelines.
So, the only custom timeline that is currently accessible is The Bachelorette Timeline, and Amdo declined to comment on any potential future timelines.

Facebook Introduced a New "Creator Collaborations" Feature to Increase the Visibility of Creators

Facebook creator studio

Facebook has introduced a new "Creator Collaborations" feature to increase the visibility of creators on the platform.
Also, it can enable artists to cooperate with others on content to increase their reach.
It seeks to provide more ways to support creators in building their presence and monetizing their work in the app.

Facebook Creator Collaborations
Creator Collaborations will permit several creators to be mentioned on a single Facebook post, providing both increased brand awareness through the tag and wider reach to the combined audience of all collaborators.
Using this technique, one creator can ask another to join them in publishing a single piece of video material.
The post will be published on both collaborators' pages if the second author agrees.
The material will be distributed equally among the collaborators, and within Creator Studio, they may access shared insights like reach and interaction.

It's very similar to Facebook's current branded content tags, which allow brands tag associated businesses in a single post to increase their marketing efforts.
Additionally, Meta has expanded its Reels Play Bonus program, added adverts for short-form video and live broadcasts, a new Instagram Creator Marketplace, and more.
All of this provides additional avenues for the discovery and revenue of creative work in its apps.
Each platform now offers packages and incentives to sweeten their choices and keep the most talented creators publishing frequently.
This in turn, keeps users coming back for the most recent updates. Attracting the top talent is a significant area of competition for social apps.

Google Expands Access to Optimization Score for Performance Max Campaigns

optimization process 

For Performance Max campaigns, Google is releasing new capabilities, including the keenly anticipated optimization score.
Prior to the start of a Performance Max campaign, advertisers now have a quick and easy method for identifying issue regions.
In addition, recently updated explanations will assist in addressing queries about a campaign's effectiveness following launch.
Data exclusions will instruct Smart Bidding to disregard data from dates where conversion tracking issues may have compromised the accuracy of your data. This can include bugs, tagging issues, or website downtime.

Advertisers will find it simpler to spot performance variations and pinpoint problems with explanations.
Furthermore, the feature will offer suggestions to enhance performance. The explanations will assess the product status and the most popular moving products, groups, and types if you have a product feed.
In the upcoming weeks, this will be made accessible for PMax campaigns.
Advertisers can use the Optimization Score to identify areas for campaign optimization and to generate actionable advice for trying to get better results.

Google Acknowledges Bug Affecting Analytics & Ads Reporting

Google ads  

Google acknowledges that an issue exists that affects reporting for all Ads and Analytics products. There is currently no information on a fix being forthcoming for the problem.
If the fault affects you, your Ads and Analytics reports will either have no data or data that is incorrect.
Although the disruption's full details are unknown, it seems to have only affected reporting.

The data collection is hampered by the fact that Google Ads campaigns are still active.
Other than the bug that affects Google Ads & Analytics reporting, Google's Search is still having problems indexing fresh content.
These problems still need to be resolved, and Google will shortly provide an update.

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