Why is Arabic content important for businesses located in Dubai?

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Why is Arabic content important for businesses located in Dubai?

Why is Arabic content important for businesses located in Dubai?

Arabic has become one of the world's most widely spoken languages. Arabic is spoken by over 237 million internet users today. However, Arabic content on the internet is only about 5% and is of poor quality.  
"Translation" is a significant source of Arabic content on the internet. Unfortunately, automatic translation platforms are inaccurate and frequently fail to convey the original meanings intended for the content. As a result, Arabic-speaking internet users have difficulty finding accurate and helpful content in their native language. Therefore, we still require more diverse and high-quality Arabic content.

These figures should be enough to make companies and institutions reconsider using Arabic to create marketing content for the Internet and social media platforms. Continue reading this blog to learn why you should use Arabic content services for your business.

1- The Arabic language is known for its Richness

Arabic Language

At this time, the French language has a vocabulary of no more than 150,000 words, the Russian language has a vocabulary of 130,000 words, the English language has a vocabulary of 600,000 words, and the Arabic vocabulary has more than 12 million words. These figures reflect how the experience of creating Arabic content differs from that of other languages. It contains several terms that can be used to market your products and services and use words to reach people appealingly and uniquely.

2-  The Number of Arabs who use Social Media Platforms

Copywriting Concept

Arabic speakers are well-represented on social media platforms. Nine out of ten MENA youth use at least one social media channel daily.
Furthermore, half of the Arab youth get their news from Facebook daily, ahead of other channels such as online portals (39%), television (34%), and newspapers (4%).
According to the Social Media analysis, most users in Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia use Arabic to publish their content and tweets about Fintech services. Meanwhile, 81% of UAE activities are published in English. According to Social Media Insights for E-commerce companies in the Middle East, Arabic dominated all countries' content except the UAE, which has 59% of its e-commerce content in English.

3- The Middle East's online payment and E-commerce Situation

The UAE has the highest consumer acceptance, with 71% of online payments per city, followed by Saudi Arabia with 58%, indicating many people using e-commerce platforms in the Arab world and the Middle East. This encourages you, as an e-commerce company, to begin creating Arabic content for your products and your company.

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Tips for Arabic Content Writing Services

  • Arabic word processors: Like in English, an organized and readable website is crucial. Make sure to write in clear and strong language, free of typos, and follow Arabic grammar rules.
  • Write using SEO techniques: 
    SEO Analysis
    With the diversity and many Arabic terms, you should choose the right words and write using SEO techniques. You'll also need to understand what the Arab user is looking for on the Internet, which is a relative matter that varies from country to country and from user to user.
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  • Publish a variety of content: publish a variety of information that assists people in the Arab region find and select your product accurately and convincingly. Then, be active and try to post interactive content in which you can engage the audience in sharing their thoughts and ideas through various means and tools.
  • Before writing, conduct a thorough market and user analysis: Look for and write about current trends and tendencies to benefit from them. Also, keep in mind that each Arab society has its own set of values and customs. And without first learning about each society, you will be unable to satisfy the Arab user.
  • Avoid repetition and be innovative: develop new tools and methods to reach the Arab user interested in direct, creative, appealing, and correct content.
  • Easily shared content: Today's online users enjoy sharing content with their friends and followers through social media; make your content as shareable as possible.
  • Interactive elements: Creating a sense of belonging is central to the founders' visions because it encourages users to visit the website daily or multiple times to check comments or interact with followers. As a result, the team invested in creating user forums, transforming consumers into content creators.
  • Keep in mind the right-to-left layout: 
    Right-to-Left layout Arabic Writing
    The Arabic language's Right-to-Left (RTL) structure will impact the website's user interface and content layout. Table columns, for example, must be arranged in the opposite direction, and marginal visuals must be flipped. This isn't easy to manage elements such as print layouts, online layouts, navigation bars, headlines, buttons, graphics, and any necessary functionality. Always set aside more time at the start of a project to review, plan, and address any issues that may arise while writing Arabic content. This will save you time in the future.

Importance of Arabic Content Writing Services

This service has grown in Dubai, and the trend appears to continue. While the rest of the world may be slow to catch on, regional companies are in high demand.
While the world is obsessed with visual advertising, content writing is an art form that quickly strikes the audience. It can help increase the company's sales and profits and excellent sales.  

Arabic content writing skills are becoming more popular worldwide, as this essential task is critical for intelligent marketing campaigns. This service may appear simple, but it is subject to intense precision and tactics, as well as research and analysis. Our content writers in Dubai assist clients in developing their unique brand identity and engaging readers with their amazing words. A well-written advertisement can entice potential customers to buy the brand and establish the company's identity. 
And now you're ready to think seriously about creating unique Arabic content to help you reach more Arabic-speaking customers.

Plan A agency provides Arabic copywriting services to meet the demands of the growing need for this invaluable sector. By creating compelling copy, we have helped Arabic and global brands reach a largely untapped demographic with excellent results.

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